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Michael R. Mangual
            I am a graduate of Valley Forge Military College with degrees in military history and international relations. I am a native New Yorker with aspirations of being a best selling published author. My literary inspirations are J.R.R. Tolkien (epic scope and attention to detail), Robert A. Heinlein (military realism and non-preachy political themes), and John Ringo (my favorite living author - his "Posleen War Series," is awesome).

            I have been working on my Shattered Citadel Universe for more then a decade as a hobby and after hearing "you should make a book" for the millionth time. I have decided to do so, along with other projects related to Shattered Citadel and the other sci-fi universes I am currently creating. I understand breaking into sci-fi is tough, every geek writes  sci-fi, plus thousands of titles are published every year and only a handful sell more then five hundred copies. So I'm not quitting my day job. I'm doing this mainly out of love, and if I get rich from this it'll be a sweet bonus.

            I think I have something unique in Shattered Citadel in that it is a finely detailed character driven universe that resonates with the issues of today. It has political undertones, but it is entertaining and most importantly not preachy, unlike some sci-fi I know. I would classify my work as epic military sci-fi, I believe there's an audience out there mainly because of the success of Battlestar Galactica, John Ringo, David Weber, Stargate SG1, etc. In the end I have ten books planned. A three book "Third War Series" and a seven book "Ascension War Series." It is an honor you have visited my little work of love. Enjoy my universe.