The SC Experiment
It has been a while since I wrote a blog, but I just had too because of the new concept I will be trying very soon. Its a mix of good and bad news. First the bad news, the current rapid pace of new stories and videos will be soon coming to an end as I will be taking a month off to focus solely on writing my SC book. The SC book will be written in World War Z format and be titled, "The Third Human Civil War: An Oral History of the Last War." I have been working on the intro and I feel that is the most important part of any book, since many of us (including yours truly) only buy the book if the first few pages blows us away. I will need volunteers for to read some rough drafts soon.

The good news is that I will currently finish the SC workload I have and work on what I call the SC Experiment. Basically I will start a podcast. My idea is that it will be a podcast about major events/battles of the Third Human Civil War as told from a military history prospective. I think the education I have from college as a Military historian and my vast knowledge of history, geopolitics, and economics will be of tremendous help. Before I actually start a podcast (still figuring out how) I will make 15 minute episodes about the war and post them on Youtube. It will be me making a monologue with assorted maps and relevant visuals. Although I intend the audio to stand on its own without the visuals since it will be a podcast and that is impossible. Once I start the initial podcast experiments I will need all of your feedback. Thank you all so much for keeping up with Shattered Citadel and don't forget to spread the website to like minded friends.

Advertising SC
Well I have decided to begin "Operation Hit and Run." I will begin advertising SC on facebook ads, google ads and I will print out hundreds of cards and posters to help spread the word about SC. I plan to use the business cards for when I'm networking at work and my normal day-to-day life. The posters will be plastered around NYC and other major cities that I fly to in a guerrilla style ad campaign. Those posters will have a menacing Chinese symbology and hopefully take some of the thunder from that movie Red Dawn 2011. This of course will cost me a pretty penny to do, so as always any donations are greatly appreciated. If you can't donate or are reluctant too you can help in other ways such as spreading the word yourself. Talk to your friends about this site, my vids, anything you think may bring more fans to the fold. Also you can post about my site on your facebook, twitter, or even forums you constant. Thank you so much for your support. This truly is a second job for me, one I don't make any real money on, but still my favorite job of the two.

Graphic Designers or Wanna-Be's,

If you have any SC poster or business card ideas. Feel free to send them to me at

If your poster gets chosen I will send you a few of the posters for your own use. Put up in your room or just keep it as a collectors item if this SC thing ever takes off. TY again.

The Last Month
Well the last month sucked for new Shattered Citadel stuff. I think the only thing I actually put up was that new video (The Last War) and two tease previews. Y'all deserve better. Soon I will pick up the slack. I'm literally sitting on tons of stories and I hope to type them out and have it ready for you all. Last month was awful for a ton of reasons... first I had no computer for half of the month since I lost my charger. Then I got a charger and immediately after that I lost my black book (the book I write all my stories on while I work). Plus I have a new GF and shes taking up all of my free time. Well I got my charger now, I got my black book back and my GF is still needy but two out of three ain't bad.

I am now working on my new Latin America video "Tierra de Sangre" and I want to thank some of my fans for sending me great clips for that video and future videos. I also bought a new notebook since my black book has no more free pages left. I have begun work on three other stories with no names as of yet. The first is written World War Z style and is about an African who fought against the HIE in the African Union army, it also sheds light on the job of restoring earths wildlife (hes a DOI agent in the red zones of Earth). The second story is about the Chinese attempt to enlist the aid of Latin America. Its a summit in Panama City where the Chinese "persuade" many nations to join the Hegemony and it explains why some nations sided with China and others with the Allies. The last story is set in India about a join US-Indian special forces mission.

Lastly guys please continue to spread the world about my site. Post links to it to forums you frequent and I plan to advertise with a guerrilla ad campaign in NYC with posters and pass out business cards while networking with ppl at work.

Thank you again for all of your fan fiction and pics. Continue to write them and send them. I'd love to share it with other fans. Also I am really excited about the SC: RON project, its a great idea and I will do my part to help it along very soon.

Ideas on Fan Fiction
Well I've heard from a bunch of you that many of you would like to write fan fiction based on the Shattered Citadel Universe and I am glad to say BRING IT ON! I would love to read them and I will post them up on my site under the short story section as fan fiction. Send them to my email and include pictures that suit your story, or ill find some for you.

On another note I know a few of you guys have your own websites and I would like to advertise them here on I plan to put them up on my home page as "Friends of the Site" so please feel free to msg me about your site and I'll post a link to it there.

Thank you guys for your amazing questions on the forums and all of the love and appreciation you show my work. I am very thankful and you all inspire me.

Lastly I want to do this tvtropes thing, I need more info on this site and what its all about. Let me know. Thanks guys.

Youtube is fucking Stupid
Seriously Youtube is fucking stupid. Really really fucking stupid. stupider then that shark in Happy Days... Yah that stupid... Anyways so I JUST found out that Youtube just banned my most popular video World War 3 (Occupation of America), the one with 16,567 views and 333 comments. This is the third video Youtube has pulled down. I swear to God, its like once a video of mine gets remotely popular it gets banned. First it was The Second Chinese Golden Age which had 25K views and an average of 400 views a day, then the Third Human Civil War (50K) and 350 views a day, now this video.

This to me is all sorts of bullcrap and I like posting my videos on Youtube since its one of the main ways I attract people to my website, but thats no longer the case. With all these bannings my viewship has plummeted and I get more hits now from advertising on other forums I frequent (urealms, Astroempires), people randomly stumbling on me googling the words "future soldiers" and fans like you showing the site to friends.

I seriously don't know why Youtube hasnt just outright banned me instead of teasing me like this. Plus have you seen the other WW3 videos online there? Most of them are awful (Some are great), but most of them are bible guys talking about satan and jews or rock music over random clips of the same three video games.

Well. I need to spread my fanbase and post my videos in places where they would appreciate it and not bring them down. Is there anywhere aside from Youtube that I can post and it has a good amount of viewship? Let me know in the comments below.

I am working on my brothers computer right now and hopefully in a few weeks I will either get my charger back OR buy a new one off of EBAY. Until then my work on my website will slow down. Once I do get my charger I have a ton of stories I've finished that need to be written and posted. The ones I have finished are "The York Ranger," "The Red Plague," and "The Last Charge."

I'm pretty excited about the York Ranger. It's written like an interview a la "World War Z" format and very different from anything else I've written. Its very interesting and shows the war in the Canadian wilderness from the prospective of a Canadian. The sense of lose of his country, the massive toll of the war and silly stupidities of life in the war and after wards. Even if I don't get my computer up and running I WILL WRITE this story. Even if I have to do it on a hotel computer and lose precious sleep. :D

New Stories
So I always carry around with me a black book which I use to write my stories down and jot down new ideas and i literally have like 17 stories in many stages of completion on it. I tend to start one and then stop and work on a new idea that I get excited about and then I stop that one also and the cycle keeps going. I just wanted to share some of the stories I have in my book. Many of their titles are working titles and will change once I actually finish it.

SC: The Warning
A US pilot gets shot down over Vietnam and discovers the Chinese plans known as Operation Kingdom Under One Heaven. He must race home to warn America.
100% Completed. Just need to type it.

SC: Das Luftwaffe
A German crew participates on a dangerous mission over the Chinese mainland to destroy the Three Gorge Dam during the Allied invasion of China.
25% completed.

SC: K-9
A PLA dog handler fights his own personal demons during the Third Human Civil War and the Ascension War.
5% completed.

SC: The Last Pope
The H.I.E. invade Italy and Vatican City gets under siege. The Vatican Swiss Guard and a small EU force attempts to defend the faithful and the Pope.
75% completed.

SC: Shattered Citadel
A fleet of US warships investigates the disappearance of a US battleship in the Scupin system. Secessionists are suspected and civil war looms, but a message from Earth changes everything.
10% completed.

SC: Blood Offer
The wife of the US president goes to negotiate with the Radvadlors Rasiids for a peace treaty, but disaster strikes and the US is faced with a new war with the Radvadlors that could kill billions.
20% completed.

SC: The Red Plague
A doctor in a Florida hospital has to deal with a sudden spike of patients infected with a deadly new virus. He soon finds that he is immune to the new mystery virus.
2% completed.

SC: The Last Charge
Mankind unites to fight off a Huellok invasion of Earth
40% completed.

SC: The Oslo Line
A group of civilians race to the Oslo line with the Hegemony on their heels.
25% completed.

SC: York Rangers
A woman interviews a man who fought in the Canadian wilderness against the Hegemony during the Third World War.
50% completed.

A few more...

Shattered Citadel First Blog
I've decided to make a blog, just like everyone else in this world. Since your here on my website, most likely from my Youtube videos or by a link from your friend. I'll keep this blog mainly centered on shattered citadel content. Occasionally I'll share my opinions on everyday things and sometimes I might even talk about my own day to day life.

First off I wanted to thank everyone that donated to my website to help me upgrade the site. Although I paid for the bulk of the upgrade, your small donations really did help and inspired me to pony up the dough to upgrade. Some people believed enough in my work to give me some of their hard earned money, even if it was .25 cents. :D

Anyways now that my site is upgraded the first thing I did was change the name from www.s2.webwhatthefuckismyname/shatteredcitadel/ to just I then went to work submitting each page to the big three SEO's (Bing, Yahoo, Google) and added tags and descriptions to each page. That alone took a long ass time. In about five weeks I should see the fruits of my labors as it will be cycled through Google by then. I also added more videos and music (I was sick of the same six songs I had) to my site since before I had maxed out my memory of 100mb. Now I am barely using 2% of total memory so I wont have to upgrade for a long long time. I have also revamped my site and spruced it up a bit and on top of that I also reorganized my entire website. I took my two least popular tabs and merged them into one and called it the Future of Mankind this freed up another tab to add a forum and this blog. Anyways I am proud of my work here and I did everything I wanted to do with the site for now. I plan to add more content as time goes by.

So I always walk around with my little black notebook with me that I write down my stories and ideas. Its perfect for when I'm working and I'm waiting a few hours for my next damn flight. Its also great for light plane loads and long flights to like Myrtle Beach. In this book I'm working on so many different things. Thats because I get bored or I think of some new great idea and focus all on that until I get bored again and wonder off. I am kind of like the Towelie of the writing world.