From SC Creator: Another fan fic I've been sitting on for more then half a year. I finally got around to posting it. I do apologize Carl. This story is set during the Huellok invasion of Earth. The first fan fic I've ever received about post WWIII. Not gonna lie. Thats very cool. 02012014.

From Author: Here is my complete story. Set during the Huellok invasion of Earth. You may find it hard to understand in the beginning. But as you read it i hope and think you will understand the way i have written the story.

SCFF: Not of this World
By: Carl Rosen, Sweden

Upstate Michigan, North-America, Earth, [SOL] 29-11-2149 11:00

‘‘It has been an honor to hear your story, Sir.’’ She said.

‘‘The honor is all mine, dear. It’s been good to have someone to speech to about this kind of things. Most young people nowadays are only interested in games and such stuff.’’ He said.

‘‘And thank you for letting me stay the night. I didn’t think the storm was going to be that bad.’’She said with a smile.

‘‘Your welcome, dear. Now let me get your coat.’’ He said and went and opened the closet and took out her long coat. He gave it to her and opened the door for her.

‘‘Have a safe trip back to London.’’ He said.

‘‘Thank you, Mr. Carlsson. She said with still with a smile on her face.’’

As she was walking towards the picket she noticed a man and a little girl walking in her opposite direction. The man must have been in his early thirty’s. he had brown hair and looked like he haven’t shaved for a week. And the little girl couldn’t be more than seven. She had blond long hair to reached her shoulders.

The little girl suddenly started to run towards her. But as the girl got a meter from her she run past her towards Mr. Carlsson.

‘‘Grandpa!’’ the little girl shouted. And jumped in the old man’s arms.

‘‘Hello dear, how I missed you!’’ He said.

‘‘She smiled and walked out on the cobblestoned street and walked towards the man and asked.

‘‘Is she your daughter?’’

‘‘Yes it is. Her name is Sam. Shortened for Samantha.’’ He answered.

‘‘Then you must be Mr. Carlsson’s son?’’ She asked.

‘‘Yes that’s true. You must be that reporter that was going to interview him?’’ He answered her question with a question.

‘‘Well I not going to take any more of your time.’’ She said with a smile whiteout answering his question and continued her walk on the cobble stoned towards her car.

‘‘Was that the reporter?’’ The man asked when he reached Mr. Carlsson.

‘‘Yes it was.’’

‘‘She looks like mom.’’ He said.

‘‘I know son… I know.’’

When she arrived at her car after a few minutes of walking she sat in her in car and said. ‘‘He’s cute.’’

Luna Naval Base, the Moon, [Sol] Date Unknown.

It was quiet in the control tower on the Luna Naval Base. The two airmen who was on watch sat in their chairs and talked about their home back on Earth.

‘‘You should go and see the Reichstag, we restored it now.’’ One of the airmen said with a strong German accent.

‘‘I didn’t know it was destroyed during the war?’’ The other airmen asked with a Louisiana accent.

‘‘Most of continental Europe got destroyed during operation Charlemagne.’’

‘‘Why did it take so long to rebuild it then?’’

‘‘Most of the European cities were destroyed, and we didn’t have time or the resources to rebuild an old government building. Especially since the EU was lead from London. ’’

‘‘Yeah. I’ve heard stories about the war in Eur…’’

The American airman was interrupted by the computer screen in front of him.

‘‘We got some dots on the radar. Probably just some meteors that smashed out of the Asteroid belt. It happens all the time, nothing to worry about.’’ The American said and pressed the alarm away.

‘‘About the war stori….’’

The American was again interrupted but now all the screens started to flash and they all said the same thing. “UNKNOWN ALIEN SHIP DETECTED”.

‘‘Holy shit… Go and get the Lieutenant.’’ The American said to the German while he was trying to read all the information on his screen.

The German ran out of the room and ran down the stairs to the Lieutenant. When the German arrived at the Lieutenant’s room the stations alarm was on. The German threw the door opened just as the Lieutenant was going to open it from his side. The Lieutenant wasted no time. As they both ran up the stairs they passed several pilots that was running to their fighter crafts. When they entered the control center of the tower the room was full of airmen and regular soldiers.

‘‘What’s our situation?’’ The Lieutenant asked out loud.

‘‘We got unknown alien ship that entered the sol system some 4 million kilometers from Pluto. And they’re closing fast!’’ The American said.

‘‘Where are they heading?’’ The Lieutenant asked.

‘‘Their moving towards Mars at a speed of sixty thousand km/s!’‘

‘‘Good, it will give us time to warn the Pentag…’’The Lieutenant got interrupted by the American.

‘‘SIR THEY ARE CHANGING COURSE! They are heading for Earth!’’

‘‘Check if we have any ship near that sector. I’ll warn Earth.’’ The Lieutenant said and picked up a phone and pressed on a button that said Pentagon.

The American typed in some search words on his keyboard and a list showed up on his screen. He pressed on one of the names of the list of ships that was shown. He put on a headset and began to talk into it.
‘‘USEA Armstrong this is Luna Naval Base. We are seeing unknown alien ships on our radar that are in your sector. Do you have a visual?’’

‘‘Luna Base this is the Armstrong. We are seeing them on our radar too. Please stand by.’’

There was a moment of silence which seemed like an eternity. The American put on the loudspeaker and together he and all the people in the room listened to the static. A few minutes pasted until the loudspeaker came to life.

‘‘Luna Base this is the Armstrong. We have a visual of the alien ships in our sector but our computers have not recognized the ships as friendly or foe we’ve tried to hail them but we got no response. They have not changed their course and are still headed for Earth. Should we engage’’?

The American looked over at the Lieutenant who was still talking through the phone. He finally looked back at the American and nodded.

‘‘USEA Armstrong you have permission to enga…’’

The American was interrupted by the shouting coming through the loudspeaker.


Now more and more voices were heard through the loudspeakers.



Explosions and screams were heard in the background.


Gunshots and more screams could be heard as the Huellok soldiers entered the Armstrong’s bridge and began to kill and devour the crew. A loud explosion was heard and then the communication was cut and the Armstrong’s signal was lost on the radar. Everybody in the room looked at the Lieutenant who still spoke through the phone.

‘‘Did you hear it?..... Then what are my orders?.. Yes sir.’’ The Lieutenant said and put the phone on the table next to him. He looked at the airmen and soldiers around him and said.

‘‘It’s been confirmed that the Huellok has entered the Sol system and are heading towards Earth. USEA command has issued threat condition SHATTERED CITADEL. Our orders are to scramble all our fighter crafts and dry dock ships on the surface and in orbit.’’

The people in the room didn’t do anything and were still in chock about what just happened on board the Armstrong.

‘‘What are you waiting for people! Sound the alarm and message all ships to meet up with the Earth defense fleet! AND SOMEBODY CONTACT THE COLONIAL ALLIANCE. MOVE!!’’ The Lieutenant shouted.

‘‘Sir, we got more Huellok ships appearing on radar.’’ The American said.

Upstate Michigan, North-America, Earth, [SOL] 28-11-2149, 15:25

‘‘I wasn’t on the moon when it happened of course. But we heard the stories about it afterword’s.’’ He said.

‘‘Where were you then?’’ She asked him.

East British Columbia, North-America, Earth, [Sol]

‘‘Holy shit.. Would you look at that.’‘ A man with British accent said and pointed towards sky.

All the soldiers stopped what they were doing to look up at the sky that was cover with clouds. But it was the light above the clouds that caught everyone’s attention, the light of explosions and human ships firing at the invading Huellok fleet. The silence of the soldiers was broken by a man with a Scottish accent.

‘‘Alright soldiers, show’s over. Get back to work.’’ The soldiers turned around and recognized the man. He must have been in the midst seventy. He had Grey hair and was tall.

‘‘Sorry Leftenent.’’ The Britt said and went back to put barbed wire on the ground.

‘‘Those brave men and women up there are giving their life’s so we can complete our defenses.’’

‘‘What about the Colonies. Why aren’t the Huellok attacking them’’? A man with an unknown accent but perfectly good English asked.

The Leftenent turned around and saw a young and tall man. He approached the young man and said. ‘‘And you are?’’

‘‘Corporal Aaron, S, Karlsson. I’m with the 18th infantry division, Viking brigade. I also have training as a mechanic I’ve fixed tanks and armored vehicles. My commander sent me here to reinforce this area, the rest of my squad should arrive soon.’’ The Corporal answered and saluted the Leftenent.

‘‘Where we’re you trained, Corporal?’’ The Leftenent asked.

‘‘Camp Mattson. It’s located in northern Scandinavia. That’s why command put us here instead of South-Africa. We operate better in the cold weather.’’ The Corporal said and dusted of snow that was lying on his shoulder.

‘‘Tell me Corporal. Does the S in your name stand for Strömfeldt?’’ The Leftenent asked and pronounced it correctly.

The Corporal looked up at the Leftenent’s face and said.‘‘Yes it does sir. How did you know?’’

‘‘My name is Ian McKenzie I fought with your parents during the Hegemony invasion of Europe. Your father saved my life more times than I remember. I fought with your father until the end of the war. Your mother was pulled out of duty after the battle of Jerusalem when she discovered she was pregnant.’’

‘‘I remember my mother telling some stories about a soldier who fought by their side. Maybe you can tell me how my father died?’’ Aaron asked.

Leftenent McKenzie turned around and watched the mountains and said.‘‘There is time for that later. Let’s get up to those artillery guns on the mountains.’’

McKenzie and Aaron walked up the makeshift stairs until they reached a carved out cave where the humans had placed around two dozen artillery guns. The cave was also used as a command center for the area. The rest of Aaron’s squad was already there. Aaron joined his squad while McKenzie walked in to the command room.

‘‘Look who decided to show up.’’ Aaron’s sergeant said.

‘‘Sorry sir.’’ Aaron said and saluted the sergeant.

‘‘We have been given our orders. We will keep the Huellok from leaving this mountain pass and keep them from maintaining a beachhead. Our boys in intelligence say that the enemy is going to land here. There only one way out of the area they’re landing at. That’s what we’re going to defend; we are not going to let any of those two-headed freaks get past us. Everybody understands?’’

‘‘Yes sir!’’ the soldiers around him said.

‘‘Good. Get back down and prepare for combat.’’

While Aaron was walking towards the exit of the cave he looked around and saw a group of Colonial soldiers. He recognized the white and gold armor. But one of the soldier caught Aaron’s attention. It was a woman, she had brown long hair, green eyes and her skin was just a little sun tanned she was the most beautiful person Aaron had ever seen. They made eye contact with each other and Aaron clearly didn’t pay attention to where he was going and hit his head on the cave ceiling and fell to ground. He could hear the Colonial soldiers laugh at him when he got up again. Just as he exited the cave he could hear a women with a slight British accent.‘‘He’s cute.’’

Aaron and the rest of his squad stood silent and watched the sky and waited for the Huellok to descend to the area. They didn’t have any real protection against the Huellok. Just some sandbags and some trees that they cut down and stacked on each other. There were mostly European and Canadian soldiers there. However the Colonial Alliance has put some of their soldiers on Earth to help the Terrans. The silence was broken by a soldier with a Danish accent.

‘‘This is bullshit. Why are we here freezing our asses with only seven hundred fifty thousand soldiers and the Huellok is estimated ten-million strong. The South-Africa line has about one-hundred million soldiers.’’

‘‘We got reinforcements coming this way in a week.’’ A German soldier said.

‘‘We would’ve been even less if it weren’t for the CA to send some troops this way.’’ Aaron said and looked over at a group of Colonial soldiers.

‘‘We don’t need those fucking cowards.’’ The Dane said.

‘‘That’s bullshit and you know it. We would get slaughtered if it weren’t for their hover-tanks and weapons. And let’s not forget that they contribute with over two hundred thousand soldiers just here at the Rockies.’’ Aaron said.

The Dane looked at Aaron and said.‘‘Where are you from?’’

‘‘Norway.’’ Aaron answered.

‘‘Then why do you wear the old Swedish-Norwegian union flag on your arm plate?’’ The Dane said and looked back up at the sky.

Aaron looked at his arm and there it was. The old flag that represented the unification of two nations. Two dead nations. Sworn into a world government which had fought the same ideals they now stand for. The flag of course died before the war. But at least it stood for freedom.

‘‘My mother wanted me to wear it. So I won’t forget my father’s legacy.’’

‘‘Your father was Swedish?’’ the Dane asked.

‘‘Yeah, he was.’’ Aaron said and smiled.

The Dane was just about to stand up but he was stopped by his sergeant who shook his head and pushed the Dane back down. Aaron looked confused at the sergeant who pointed up at the sky.

Aaron looked up and saw the clouds break apart as the Heullok ships hovered above the mountains. Smaller landing crafts left the big ship and landed in the valley below. Aaron pissed himself, however his armor suit cleaned it up.

Aaron checked his gear and armor one last time. He had an M-87 LMG. The LMG was equipped with an acog sight and carried three-hundred bullets in each clip. He also had four HE grenades specially designed for combating the Huellok. And his sidearm, the M14 pistol that had 20 bullets in each clip. He’s helmet closed over his face and the only thing separating him from the atmosphere outside his helmet was a thick glass visor. He could see the ammo he carried in his left corner and his armors condition on the right corner.
‘‘What if the Huellok use their gravity weapon and send those green dogs at us?’’ A female soldier with a French accent said over the radio.

‘‘We have put jammers in the mountains and we mined the entire valley and put barbed and electrical wires over the whole place. The air force will deal with the Huellok hummels and other air crafts. And our artillery will blow those two headed freaks to whatever hell they believe in’’ Their sergeant answered.

‘‘What if they don’t believe in any hell?’’ a man asked

‘‘Then we will make this their hell.’’

The first Huellok landing craft touched down and Huellok soldiers slithered out of the ships. There were different kind of Huellok. Some pure Huellok and some of them were a mix of Human and Huellok and Huellok and Voorik.‘‘Poor bastards.’’ Aaron said to himself.

Just as the landing craft was going to take of it exploded in a ball of fire. One after on the Huellok landing crafts exploded.

Aaron looked up and saw twelve CA fighter crafts passing him. As they flew away they were chased by some Huellok hummel fighters. The surviving Huellok soldiers were blasted to pieces by the artillery guns that now had opened fire.

The artillery guns and the air force did their best but there were too many landing crafts. The Huellok poured out of the landing crafts and slithered their way to the human’s position. Mines exploded everywhere, Huellok soldiers trapped on the barbed wire didn’t seem to have any problem with it, and they cut the wire with their sharp arms. The electrical wire however caused trouble to them. The Huellok let out a loud scream whenever they touched it.

Aaron and the other soldiers fired at the enemy.‘‘Remember soldiers. Head shots only and they got two of them so it shouldn’t be so hard.’’ Aaron could hear on his radio.

Aaron could see his ammo counter tick down for every shot. The number reached zero and Richard reached for another drum mag of bullets. He put it in his LMG and shot the first Huellok he could se. The bullet connected with its right head. The Huellok fell to the ground. It tried to get up. But with only the half of its body still in function it soon died.

The Huellok tried in vain to reach the humans line of defense but every time on got near one of its head would explode by one of the many snipers which were sitting in the trees. Although some poor souls would get hit by the Huellok’s weapon it was nothing compared to the casualties the Huellok was taking.

‘‘I can’t believe this is so easy!’’Aaron heard over by the radio.‘‘Ignorant bastard’’. He said to himself.

Aaron once more saw his ammo dropping to zero. He reached for another magazine and put it in his LMG. When Richard looked over the sandbags again he nearly shit himself. The Huellok was everywhere he could see.

‘‘This is Corporal Karlsson of Viking brigade requesting immediate airstrike on the enemy some forty-five meters north-west of my position!’’ Aaron said into his radio while firing at the Huellok.

‘‘Roger that, Corporal. Airstrike incoming in ten seconds.’’

‘‘Airstrike incoming in nine seconds. Danger close!’’ Aaron shouted in his radio.

Aaron looked up and saw eight USEA bombers pass him and drop their bombs on the Huellok. The bombs touched the ground and the Huellok blew up in pieces of hot flesh. Aaron and the other soldier began to cheer when the surviving Huellok retreated back through the smoke and fire. He grabbed one of his HE grenades and threw it at a group of Huellok that was lying on the ground trying to get up. The grenade exploded and killed them all.

The soldiers were still cheering and the artillery guns had stopped firing when the last Huellok had disappeared in the smoke. ‘‘This can’t be it?’’ The Dane that Aaron had talked before the battle said as his helmet retracted into his suit.

Suddenly a thin green line cut through the smoke and flew towards the human’s defense line. Aaron and the Dane managed to throw themselves at the ground before the line made it to them. However the majority of the soldiers was still standing up and cheering when the line cut through their armor and their bodies like a hot knife through butter.

Aaron, the Dane and the other soldiers that had survived the mysteries new weapon stood up and watched as the smoke from the bombs disappeared and thousands of Huellok troops slithered their way to the humans. The Huellok began to shot at the now outmanned humans. The Humans fired back. Aaron tried to concentrate on headshots only but the incoming fire from the Huellok was too much for him to close out.

Aaron ammo count again turned zero and he reached for another mag he realized he was out of ammunition. He looked around and saw the body of a colonial soldier cut in two by the waist. Aaron grabbed the rifle next to the body and began to fire at the Huellok. Aaron could hear the screams over the radio of dying men and women. He turned it off but a voice was heard anyway, however this was no voice of screaming soldiers.
‘‘To all ground forces receiving this message. Command has issued a full retreat. Rescue ships are inbound five-hundred meters south of your position. Everybody get the hell out of there!!’’

Aaron looked to the left where the Dane stood. They both broke line and began to run trough the forest to the rescue ships. However it was hard to run over all the trees that had been cut by the green line. As they ran they linked up with more soldiers from both the USEA and CA. One of the soldiers ran into Aaron and they both fell. Aaron looked up and saw the Dane reaching for him with his hand, Aaron grabbed the hand and was pulled up.
Aaron and the Dane was about to run away when they heard the other soldier screaming. They both turned around and saw a green dog looking creature had jumped on the soldiers face. Aaron kicked of the creature and the Dane shot it in the air. Aaron pulled the soldier up and when he saw her Aaron recognized the soldier as the female Colonial soldier who had laughed at him earlier when he bumped his head in the artillery cave. He pulled her up and they started to run. After one minute the three soldiers arrived at the rescue ships and jumped on board just as the ship took off.

The tree exhausted soldiers sat down on the sets and could breathe out. Aaron and the woman made eye contact a while. ‘‘Thank you.’’ She said to Aaron who simply nodded.

City of Prince George, British Colombia, North-America, Earth, [Sol]

The ship landed and the door swung open. Aaron helped another soldier out that had loosed her left foot. Aaron carried her to the medics outside a field hospital. He then returned to the Dane and the Colonial soldier.
‘‘There is a meeting in the mess hall. Do you want to go there?’’ The Dane asked.

‘‘Yeah, sure.’’ Aaron said while he watched the ships take off to search for more survivors.

They walked to the mess hall and when they entered the room all the soldiers was watching a big screen. The screen showed the number of dead getting higher all the time. It also showed how far the Huellok had advanced, it showed that they had advanced more than forty miles from their beachhead and they’re advancing. The screen suddenly turned off. It went on again but this time it showed an Indian man with a scar on his left eye down to his chin.

All the soldiers in the room stood up from their seats and saluted the man.
‘‘General Lakshimkantha sir!’’ The soldiers said.

‘‘At ease soldiers. I have been briefed on the situation and I received my orders from De-Tierra. We are sending you more reinforcements, one million more soldiers will arrive the day after tomorrow at approximately midnight.’’

When the soldiers heard this they all cheered. But they were interrupted by Lakshimkantha who said.‘‘However… If you fail to stop the Huellok advance, if Prince George would fall, I’ve been ordered to launch tactical nukes all over British Columbia and Alberta. You have all been assigned to new squads. Dismissed!’’ The screen switched back to the satellite broadcast over British Colombia and Alberta. The red area which showed the Huellok advance had got bigger since they last saw it. The number that showed the casualties also had raised. It now showed over four-hundred-thousand dead.

‘‘Alright soldiers move out and get ammo and gear. We’re going to battle!’’ the commanding officer said.

Upstate Michigan, North-America, Earth, [SOL] 28-11-2149, 17:04

‘‘When we heard those word. Tactical nukes. We all shivered. We all knew that we had been giving the DIP order.’’ He said.

‘‘I’m sorry sir, DIP order?’’

‘‘Die in place.’’ He said and drank from his coffee.

10 kilometers north-east of Prince George, British Columbia, North-America, Earth [Sol]

It was in the middle of the night however with all the lights from spotlights it was as bright as it is during the day.

‘‘Why are we out here defending the red zone? There is nothing off value out here.’’ The Dane said.

‘‘It’s still a part of Earth. However we are only to slow down the Huellok advance until our engineer troops can fortify Prince George.’’ Aaron said.

‘‘I can’t believe they would launch nukes at us.’’ The Dane said.

‘‘Well it’s Earth. I guess high command don’t want the Huellok to spread.’’ The Colonial soldier said.

‘‘So what’s your name?’’ Aaron asked the soldier.

‘‘Private First Class Ashley Callahan with the 5th Colonial Infantry division. From New Eden, Mars. How about you?’’

‘‘Corporal Karlsson. 18th infantry division. Viking brigade’’

‘‘No first name?’’ Ashley asked.

‘‘Not right now.’’ Aaron answered.

‘‘What about your name?’’ Ashley asked the Dane.

The Dane was just about to answer when a loud explosion was heard not long from where they were positioned.

‘‘Here they come soldiers! Get ready for combat!’’ The commanding officer said over the radio.

Aaron checked his gear and weapon. He had kept the Colonial rifle he took from a dead CA soldier. It was better than a USEA rifle and had less recoil. He had also been given a special ammo type. The bullet carried a very small explosive payload which exploded when it hit its target.

The Huellok got closer to the soldiers every second. They could now see human soldiers running from the forest where the battle was still going on. First it was whole groups of soldiers coming out of the forest, as the explosion and gun fire got closer the soldiers coming from the forest got fewer and fewer. In the end there was only some scatters coming every minute or two. Then it became quiet all over the Human’s defense line.
Suddenly a single Huellok came out of the forest. It wasn’t like the other ones. It had a greenish skin with black stripes on its chest. Its arms weren’t near as long as on a regular Heullok and they weren’t sharp either. Its hands had five long fingers. But the biggest different was that it only had one head. And the mouth wasn’t on its chest it was on its head.

‘‘What the fuck is that?’’ The soldiers could hear over the radio.

‘‘I’ve never seen something like that before’’ Ashley said.

‘‘Somebody get out of cover and get me a better visual of the target.’’

A man jumped out of cover and walked towards the Huellok. He stopped about fifteen meters from him and stood still with his gun pointed at the Huellok. The Huellok watched the soldier as he moved towards him and stopped.

The Huellok looked all over the human’s line. All the soldiers had their weapons pointing at the alien. The Huellok raised his hand and pointed at the soldier. A pulse wave shot from the Huellok hand palm. The wave looked like the rings that forms in the water when you throw a rock in it.

The pulse wave hit the soldier and he was thrown back across the human’s line. Some medics ran to him and checked his life signs.

‘‘He is okay’’ one of the medics said.

Just as the soldier stood up again a small explosion was heard inside of his helmet. He fell to ground again and did not move. The medic removed the soldier’s helmet and the head was gone. The medic looked inside the helmet and saw blood and brain bits.

‘‘Holy shit… He is dead.’’ The medic said over the radio.

‘‘Repeat your last. It sounded like you said dead?’’ Command said over the radio.

‘‘The soldier is dead. He’s head exploded inside his helmet’’

‘‘Copy that. Stand by for further orders.’’

The Huellok still stood at his place looking over the humans. Suddenly it began to talk.

‘‘Hu-mans. Why are you resisting? Your death is inevitable. Even now when Humanity’s extinction is near, you still resist. Surrender now and your death will be swift.’’

The soldiers looked at each other surprised that they didn’t hear the voice in their heads. But from the Huelloks mouth.

The silence was broken by a female soldier that asked the Huellok.‘‘Why are you attacking us and killing our people?’’ All the soldiers on the line looked at her and then back at the Huellok.

‘‘Is it not easy to see? You took the side of our enemy. You have sheared blood with a new species. You have spilled the blood of my brothers. You have shifted the balance of the war. And therefore humanity must be eradicated.’’

Once again the silence on the human line was broken by a man that shouted out loud. ‘‘Hey we kicked your asses on Via Van’viok and we can do it again!!’’ The Human soldiers cheered until the Huellok began to talk again.

‘‘And where were the aggressors during the battle of that planet, their own planet, and where are the aggressors now? You have been deceived humans. By the ones you call your allies. How else do you think we found your birth world?

Humanity stands as the greatest threat to this galaxy and therefore you all must die.’’

Aaron looked at the Huellok and said to Ashley.‘‘What does he mean with that?’’

Ashley was just about to talk when the soldiers heard a voice in their radio.

‘‘All soldiers you have permission to open fire. TAKE THAT THING DOWN!!’’

All over the Human line weapons started to fire. Aaron aimed for the Huelloks head and pulled the trigger. The bullet went off and hit the Huelloks head and it connected with the head and the bullet exploded inside the head. However to the Human’s fear the Huellok didn’t fall to the ground, it still stood on its feet.

‘‘So be it.’’ The Huellok said and suddenly lifted off the ground and hovered about five meters above the ground. The Huellok suddenly exploded when a Colonial hover tank fired on the Huellok.

Just as the Huellok fell to the ground the rest of the Huellok emerged from the forest and slithered towards the Humans. Both sides began to fire at each other.

Aaron fired his rifle at the Huellok with short controlled bursts. Aaron saw his ammo counter on his top right corner on his visor drop to zero.

He reached for another mag and when he looked up again he saw a Huellok dog creature jumping towards his face. He closed his eyes and expected to be thrown to the ground. He opened his eyes and saw Ashley on the ground wrestling with the creature, on of its tentacles had wrapped around her right arm. The creature began to eat trough her chest plate and Ashley let out a scream as the creature reached her skin. Aaron pulled out his knife and cut of the tentacles before he stabbed the creature in its head. Aaron helped Ashley up and handed her a rifle. Ashley looked at Aaron and said.‘‘Now we’re even.’’ Aaron returned to shot at the Huellok.

As usual the Huellok suffered heavy casualties when they charged whiteout taking any cover. It was almost as they didn’t care if the died. The Huellok slithered across the battlefield. Every now and then mines exploded and threw the Huellok in the air. Out of nowhere Hornets arrived and began to fire at the Heullok on the ground, and as Aaron had thought to himself the hornets drew some hummels towards them.

Suddenly the lights went out all over the battlefield it became dark. The only lights came from explosions and weapons firing. Aaron switched over to night vision and saw a Huellok swinging its razor sharp arm towards him. He ducked and felt the arm grazing his helmet just above his head. Aaron pressed his gun barrel at the Huellok mouth and fired in it. The Huellok let out a loud scream as blood poured out of its mouth.

Aaron pushed the body aside and began to fire at the other Huellok. He hit a Huellok in the head and the head explode, but the Huellok didn’t fall. Aaron shot the other head on the right side of the body and it exploded and the body fell to the ground.

A soldier that stood next to Aaron took a hit on the head and it was split in half and the soldier fell to the ground.

The battle had been raging on for about one hour. There were dead bodies everywhere. The bodies of the Huellok in front of them had formed a wall of bodies. Aaron suddenly felt something pulling him back. Aaron looked back and saw Ashley pulling him back and shouting. ‘‘COME ON WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!’’

‘‘What are you talking about!’’ Aaron answered and pushed her away.

‘‘The line is falling, Aaron! Look around you!’’

Aaron looked around him and saw Humans running away and Huellok climbing over the cover and attacking the human’s with hand to hand combat. He saw several humans being devoured as the Huellok pulled them in to their mouth, and the greenish dogs also feed on the humans unfortunate to get away.

‘‘LETS GO!!’’ Ashley shouted.

They both began to run from the Huellok trying to avoid being hit. A soldier running besides Aaron fell to the ground as three Heullok dogs jumped out of nowhere and began to feed on her. She screamed out loud. Aaron wanted to help but he was pulled away by Ashley who knew there was nothing they could do.

‘‘WHERE ARE WE GOING?’’ Aaron shouted as he run from the Huellok.


Aaron didn’t answer. He was too busy running. He saw a hornet landing to pick up troops. When it took off, the pilot was hit in the face and the Hornet crashed killing all onboard and some on the ground unlucky enough.
A Colonial hover tank passed Aaron and Ashley. Onboard the tank the Dane sat. He reached out his arm to Aaron and pulled him and Ashley up. The tank hovered away and towards Prince George.

‘‘Who are covering the retreat?’’ Aaron asked as he could see that there were still humans holding the line and firing at the Huellok.

‘‘The 333rd artillery battalion.’’ A man with German accent said.

City of Prince George, British Columbia, North-America, Earth, [Sol]

The tank passed the concrete wall that stood eight meters high and three meters wide. On the wall stood soldiers manning machine guns and other weapons. Aaron could see more soldiers behind him running towards the small town.

This city was one of the few that were not given back to the nature after world war three was over. It was mostly a research town however it had many guns and armor. And with the small reinforcements that arrived, the town has been secured and reinforced with artillery guns, hover tanks, AA guns and hornets.

Aaron checked his helmet and noticed that the cut from the Huellok before had destroyed his radio. ‘‘No wonder I couldn’t hear the retreat order’’ Aaron taught to himself.

He was interrupted in his taught by a voice he recognized It was Leftenent Ian McKenzie who said.‘‘ Aaron! Thank God you’re alive, son.’’ Richard looked up and saw McKenzie walking towards him. Aaron jumped down on the ground along with Ashley. Richard saluted the Leftenant.

‘‘Take down that hand son.’’ McKenzie said.

‘‘Yes sir.’’ Aaron said.

‘I’m on my way to the HQ. Come along. You can bring your new friend.’’ Aaron looked at Ashley and saw that she was talking into her radio.

They both followed McKenzie to the HQ and when they arrived they saw a bunch of officers standing around a table with a satellite map on it. The map showed the Huellok advance and the Human positions. The Commanding officer began to talk.

‘‘Alright people, we’re in deep shit. The Huellok stands now only five kilometers from the city. I have ordered the air force to drop some rupture bombs to slow them down and when the Huellok begin their attack on the city. That way we’ll be able to buy some more time. Our artillery will open fire when the Huellok are in range. The wall has been constructed so the Huellok won’t be able to fight us hand to hand. We have also constructed a second and third defense line in the city. Orders are to retreat and regroup if a line would fall. Reinforcements will arrive in thirty-six hours. If we fail to defend the city until then, command will launch nukes on us. Now if you look at the map you will see how we have positioned you. Dismissed!’’

They were about to leave the room when the commanding officer stopped them.

‘‘Leftenent McKenzie, I would like you to stay here.’’ McKenzie nodded and closed the door behind Richard.

‘‘It’s been good fighting with you, Aaron.’’ Ashley said and went to a group of Colonial solders.

The island, City of Prince George, North-America, Earth, [Sol]

The sound of the weapons firing and the artillery rounds exploding on the west side of the river could be heard for miles. Ever since the Huellok appeared on the other side of the river the Human forces that consisted of now only one hundred ninety thousand men and women from both Earth and the Colonies had been firing at them with great success, however the Huellok kept coming. The only thing separating the Humans line and the river was a beach. The beach had been turned into a minefield with frag mines and the new designed rupture mines. It was also covered with electrical wire seeing how it worked during the first landing, command decided to use It again.

The Humans could see the Huellok massing their troops and forming them into square formation. The Human’s artillery has been shelling the Huellok troops ever since they appeared at the river.

‘‘How do you think the Huellok will cross the river?’’ A man with a Swedish accent asked Aaron.

‘‘I don’t know. Maybe they will land some of their ships in the water and use as a makeshift bridge.’’ Aaron said.
‘‘No. Their ships are fighting ours above the Rockies in Alberta. We actually have air superiority here.’’ The Dane said. While he was inspecting his rifle.

Aaron checked his own rifle. He had been given a new M-87 light machine gun with acog sight. He had also been given some HE grenades and the special ammo type. He also removed his helmet because of the damage it was pretty much useless.

A whole hour passed without any attempts from the Huellok to cross the river. The Huellok had no cover on their side of the river from the Humans weapons. But that did not stop the Huellok from firing back at the Humans, however it didn’t kill many.

‘‘Why the hell aren’t they trying to cross the river?’’ A man manning a machine gun asked.

‘‘Wait… Look!’’ A woman said and pointed towards the other side of the river.

A big metal vehicle appeared from behind the Huellok lines. It arrived at the river and began to shot out a flat crystal plate big enough for two hover tanks to cross it at the same time.

‘‘Their building a makeshift bridge. Corporal, radio command and ask for an artillery strike on the bridge.’’ The women said.

‘‘My radio is broken, ma’am.’’ Aaron said.

‘‘Here, take this and call for some damn artillery.’’ The women said and gave an ear-piece to Aaron.
Aaron put the ear-piece on his ear and talked into it.‘‘ Command this is Corporal Karlsson requesting artillery strike on a makeshift bridge the enemy is now constructing. Sending coordinates now.’’ Aaron pressed on a computer screen in front of him.

‘‘Roger that, Corporal. We have received the same requests from other locations at the defense lines. Artillery is inbound in ten seconds.’’

‘‘Sergeant, artillery inbound in ten seconds.’’ Aaron said.

The soldiers watched as the artillery shells loaded with a small nuclear payload flew over them and exploded on the makeshift bridge that blew up in rather big pieces of crystals and metal, scattering them on both sides of the river.

‘‘That takes care of that.’’ The Dane said.

Aaron watched as the unorganized Huellok fled from the riverbank. He walked to the sergeant and said.‘‘Ma’am, I have an idea.’’

‘‘What is it, Corporal.’’

‘‘If we ask command to drop some rupture bombs at the enemy’s rear we can force them back to the river.’’ Aaron said.

‘‘Alright… call it in.’’

Aaron smiled and talked into his radio.

‘‘Command this is Corporal Karlsson, requesting a carpet bombing at the enemy’s rear with rupture bombs to force the enemy to the river were we’ll be able to pick them off’’

‘‘Stand by on request, Corporal.’’

The moment of silence seemed like an eternity until finally he heard a voice again.

‘‘Request approved. Bombers incoming in fifteen seconds’’

Aaron and the other soldiers watched the sky for the bombers and saw four bombers as they approached the river.

Suddenly they all exploded. Aaron and the soldiers turned around and saw Huellok hummels approaching the city.

‘‘GET OUT OF THERE!!’’ The sergeant shouted to some soldiers as the rupture bombs fell to ground. The bombs touched ground and the soldiers inside the kill zone immediately fell to the ground. More and more hummels flew over the river and into the city. The AA guns on the rooftops opened fire at the hummels.

The Huellok again constructed new makeshift bridges and had now begun to cross the river. They slithered across no-man’s-land and oddly enough didn’t try to avoid the electrical wire and mines on the beaches.
‘‘All units open fire!’’ The sergeant said and fired at the Huellok.

Aaron fired his weapon at the Huellok below him. He pulled the trigger and let out a burst of bullets that connected with a Huellok’s head. The Huellok fell and landed on a rupture mine that exploded and let out the invisible weapon. The Huellok inside the kill zone immediately fell to the ground, more Huellok died as they willingly slithered trough the invisible kill zone.

‘‘Dumb fucks. You would think they learned by now.’’ Aaron said to now one in particular.

Maybe the Huellok understood what he said but suddenly the Huellok started to avoid the mines and were now pushing up and off the beach.

The first Huellok now arrived at the concrete wall that had been built all along the first defense line. The Huellok tried to reach the human defenders but they were killed before they could reach them. Aaron aimed his gun down towards the Huellok and their green dogs and begun to fire.

Suddenly he felt how a Huellok grabbed the weapon with its second pair of arms and began to pull Aaron down. Aaron looked down and saw the Huellok looking right into the barrel of the weapon. Aaron d didn’t hesitate and squeezed the trigger and fired at one of the Huellok’s head. He could feel the Huellok letting go of his weapon and pulled it up.

However when he looked at the weapon he saw that it had been cut in the half. Only the ribbon keeping it together. Aaron sat down behind some cover and threw the weapon over the wall along with a grenade. He heard the grenade explode and watched some pieces of flesh fly over him.

Aaron stood up and pulled out his pistol and started to fire at the Huellok. He pumped a clip at a green dog that was climbing up the wall.

‘‘What the hell happened to your weapon?’’ The Dane asked that saw Aaron was now firing with his sidearm.
‘‘Gave it to the Huellok. Alongside with a grenade.’’

Both began to laugh and fired at the enemy. By now the dead Huellok bodies had formed a ramp up to the wall. The Huellok slithered on top of their dead brothers. Aaron saw how a Huellok dog rushed towards. He tried to fire at it but his pistol only let out a click. Aaron saw how the green dog leaped for him with its tentacles reaching for him. Aaron noticed a metal pole on the ground and picked it up and hit the green dog in midair like a baseball with a baseball bat just before it were about to hit Aaron head. The green dog went flying back across the beach and landed on a frag mine, the mine exploded and took down several Huellok around it.

‘‘Well… that’s the most entertaining thing I’ve seen in a long while.’’ A man with a Norwegian accent said and laughed.

Aaron found a rifle on the ground and picked it up and fired at the Huellok that now had no problem getting up to the wall. Aaron felt how he was pushed to the side and saw a Huellok arm swinging over him. He saw the Dane hanging from a Huellok’s arm that was sticking out from his stomach. Aaron said nothing and toasted a grenade at the Dane that caught it with his hand. The Dane nodded at Aaron before he was thrown back down the wall towards the Huellok.

Aaron felt how the grenade went off and the ground shock. He looked around and saw how the Huellok overran the Humans defenses. It all seemed to go in slow-motion.

‘‘ALL UNITS ON THE ISLAND, FALL BACK TO SECONDARY LINE OF DEFENSE!’’ Aaron could hear the screams of the soldiers as they were cut to pieces by the Huellok that now had taken over the wall.

Aaron jumped down and began to run towards the second line of defense. As he crossed a street he could see how a group of soldiers had been surrounded by the Huellok who was raising their arms and began to slice through the soldiers. Aaron took out his last grenade and looked at the group of soldiers. ‘‘They are dead anyways.’’ Aaron thought to himself and threw the grenade at the middle of the group. The grenade exploded and killed all the Humans and Huellok around it.

Aaron started to run again and he was almost at the second line when he heard a familiar voice on his radio.
‘‘This is private first class Ashley Callahan with the 5th Colonial Infantry division. We have a tank that will not move and is critical for our line to hold. All of our mechanicals are dead. We need somebody who can fix it.’’
‘‘Callahan! This is Corporal Karlsson. If you meet me halfway I can fix the tank!’’ Aaron said over the radio and began to run towards the Colonial’s positions.

‘‘I’ll meet you with a vehicle. Over and out.’’

Aaron had run across a bridge towards the Colonial’s position when he saw Ashley driving towards him in a civilian car. Richard sat in the car and they drove off towards the damaged tank.

‘‘So how is it going on your side?’’ Ashley asked.

‘‘First line has fallen. Do you know how the others are holding?’’ Aaron asked. Trying to catch his breath.
‘‘The Germans and the French have retreated back to Freedoms Park and New town. The Russians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Polish and the Benelux have retreated behind Europe town. The Britons and some Italians are surrounded after staying behind ensuring the rest of the Italians survive and not letting the eastern front get closed in. I don’t think they’ll make it out of there. The Colonial’s line is holding so far as I kno…’’

‘‘LOOK OUT!!’’ Aaron shouted as a Russian walker explode in front of them. Ashley hit the brakes and turned the steering wheel making the car crash in to a building knocking them both unconscious.

Upstate Michigan, North-America, Earth, [SOL] 28-11-2149, 19:57

‘‘That was first time I seen a walker explode. And when they explode... You really don’t want to be near it.’’ The old man said.

‘‘I think I understand. I’ve heard other people tell me about their encounters with them.’’

‘‘Wow it is really blowing full wind out there.’’ The old man said and looked outside his window.

‘‘Would you like some more coffee, dear?’’ He asked her while getting up from his chair.

‘‘ Yes please, sir. I’m going to need it if I am going to be able to drive back to the airport tonight.’’ She answered him.

‘‘You can’t drive home in this weather. With all this wind and pouring you won’t be able to see more then few feet’s in front of your car. You can sleep in the guest room.’’ He said.

‘‘Thank you, sir. You’re too kind. But then I am going to have to decline the coffee, if I want to be able to sleep tonight.

After a few minutes the old man was back in his chair with a new cup of coffee in his hand.
‘‘Know where were i.’’

‘‘You and your friend Ashley had been knocked unconscious by an exploding walker.’’ She said.
‘‘A yes of course.’’

City of Prince George, British, Columbia, North-America, Earth, [Sol] Date Unknown

Aaron woke up to a cold feeling on his face. He quickly grabbed his pistol and tried to shot in front of him but the pistol only let out a metal click.

He felt how he was pressed down on the floor.

‘‘Calm down.’’ Aaron could hear the voice of a man with a German accent.

‘‘Where am I?’’ Aaron asked.

‘‘You’re safe. Well sort of. We’re stranded behind enemy’s line.’’ The man said.

‘‘What happened?’’

‘‘Don’t know. We found you and your friend over there in a car that had smashed into a building. We pulled you out but with the Huellok on our asses we didn’t have time to carry you to the second defense line so we brought you here.’’ The German said.

‘‘How is she?’’

‘‘She’s fine. She regained conscious a half hour ago.’’

Aaron pulled himself up with the help of a nearby table. He looked around to get in the situation. The windows were all boarded up with whatever they could find tables, chairs even paintings. Anything that blocked the sight of the humans inside.

‘‘How long was I out?’’ Aaron asked.

‘‘About six hours.’’ A combat medic answered with a French accent.

Aaron peeked out through a part of a window and saw dead streets filled with bodies of both the Huellok and Humans.

‘‘How far away is the front line? Aaron asked.

‘‘The second defense line, about seven-hundred meters west of our position. The soldiers there have been able to hold it for the time been.’’ The German said.

‘‘What rank do you hold?’’ The German asked.

‘‘Corporal. You?’’ Aaron answered.

‘‘Captain. Looks like I’m in charge. Move out in five!’’ The Captain said.

Aaron checked his gear and realized he didn’t have any weapon.

‘‘I lost my weapon, Captain’’ Aaron said.

‘‘Here take this.’’

Aaron turned around and saw Ashley. She toast a weapon and a bag of ammunition to him and he looked at it and said.

‘‘An M4A1? Are you serious? What am I supposed to do with this? Scratch them?’’

‘‘it’ll have to do.’’ Let’s move. We’ll use the sewers to reach the second defense line. Corporal you’re on lead. Move out.’’

‘‘Wait! Captain you might want to hear this.’’ A man with French accent said.

The Frenchmen had picked up an emergency frequent on his radio.

‘‘This is t… HMS DEFIANT... we… sustain… heavy dama…venting atmosph… .multiple hull breach…..all perso….escape pod…we los…ship…ENEM….THE… BRIDGE."

The soldier’s attention to the radio was interrupted by a large crash outside. Aaron looked outside and saw a round metal ship.

‘‘It’s one of the Defiant’s escape pods.’’ He said.

Aaron was about to run out when he was pulled back by the Captain who gave him the ‘’shish’’ sign. He pointed at a group of seven Huellok closing in on the pod. The door to the pod flew open and crushed one of the Huellok.

‘‘Let’s move out!’’ The Captain said and kicked open the door and began to fire at the Huellok.

Aaron put a clip in his M4 and began to fire at the Huellok with little to no damage, however the bullets disturbed the Huellok so the rest of the soldiers could finish them off.

‘‘Corporal go and check if anyone is alive in the pod.’’ The Captain said when all the Huellok was dead.
Aaron moved slowly to the pod. Once he was just outside the opening he said. ‘‘Friendlies, don’t fire.’’

Aaron quickly aimed his flashlight into the pod and blinded anybody still alive in there. He could see several people with bloody faces and not moving.

He jumped in and checked the pulse of the people. ‘‘Damn’’ Aaron said after he checked the last sailor’ pulse.
‘‘Captain… No survivors.’’

Aaron was just about to jump out when he heard a cough. He quickly turned a saw a female sailor trying to get up. ‘‘Whoa calm down, sailor. Let’s get you out of here’’ Aaron said and removed the safety strap. He carried her out and put her on the ground.

‘‘What’s your name sailor?’’ The Captain asked.

‘‘junior Engineer, Sarah James.’’

‘‘Can you walk? We’re in kind of hurry.’’

‘‘Yes sir.’’ Engineer James answered.

‘‘Do you know how to handle a weapon?’’

‘‘I’ve gone through basic training.’’

‘‘Private, give her your sidearm.’’ The Captain said to Ashley who gave Engineer James her pistol.

‘‘Let’s go. We’ll take the sewers so we can avoid the Huellok until we reach the second line of defense. The Captain said.

It was night and dark. The only light that was seen came from burning vehicles. The raging battle also lit up the sky in the west and the voice of thousands of weapons could be heard.

Aaron gave the all clear sign to the Captain and the rest of the soldiers left the street and went down the sewers opening.

There were ten soldiers all together. Three Germans, two French, one Polish, two Irishmen and Aaron and Ashley. And then there were the sailor that came from England. I guessed listening to her accent.

Aaron was the first to climb down the ladder to the sewers. He turned on his flashlight that was attacked under the barrel on his M4 and searched the area around him for enemies. He looked up and gave the all clear sign and the rest of the soldier climbed down the ladder.

All the soldiers climbed down and the last one shut the entrance. ‘‘You’re on point, Corporal.’’ The Captain said.
The soldiers walked in a line through the sewers quiet and slowly. After twenty minutes of walking they arrived at a dead end.

‘‘What the hell…’’

‘‘Do we have a problem, Corporal?’’ The Captain asked.

‘‘According to the GPS this wall shouldn’t be here.’’ Aaron said.

‘‘Well it stands right there. Are you sure this is the right way?’’ The polish soldier asked.

‘‘According to the GPS this is the right way.’’ Aaron answered

‘‘You mean the same GPS that’s telling you that there is no wall right in front of us.’’ One of the French soldiers said.

‘‘Alright. Put some explosives on it and blow it away. The Captain said.

Aaron took out some C4 and placed it on the wall and set the timer for thirty seconds. He then took cover behind a corner. He counted the time in his head, when he reached zero he covered his ears with his hands expecting the C4 to blow up. However he heard nothing. He peeked at the wall and it still stood.

‘‘Why didn’t it blow?’’ Ashley asked.

‘‘Dude, your gear sucks.’’ The pole said.

‘‘Corporal go check it out.’’ The Captain said.

Aaron walked towards the wall but suddenly when he was halfway there it exploded. Aaron was thrown back and down in the dirty water. His ears rang and he shouted out swearwords in both Norwegian and English.

Aaron felt as he was pulled up from the water and back behind the corner.

He could hear Ashley’s voice once the ringing sound had stopped.


‘‘WE GOT MOVEMENTS!’’ A man with an Irish accent said.

Aaron could hear weapons firing and saw the bright lights coming out of the muzzles. He quickly stood up and grabbed his M4 and peeked at the hole in the wall and saw several bright lights coming from there. However the lights were not green that normally tells you that the creature behind it is a Huellok.

‘‘HOLD FIRE WE ARE FRIENDLIES’’ Aaron shouted. The soldiers on his side of the hole stopped firing however on the other side of the hole the firing remained. Aaron took out a flash bang and threw it through the hole. The grenade went off and a loud bang could be heard along with the shouts of human soldiers.

‘‘WHAT THE FUCK! SINCE WHEN DOES THE HUELLOK USE FLASH BANGS!? A man with Italian accent shouted out.

‘‘We’re friendlies!’’ Aaron shouted once again.

‘‘Hold fire!’’ Aaron could hear from the hole.

‘‘If you’re friendlies then show yourselves!’’ A man with a British accent said.

Aaron walked out of his cover and towards the hole with weapon and hands in the air.

‘‘Holy shit.. Sorry for shooting at you.’’ The Brit said.

‘‘Yeah whatever.’’ Aaron said and waved to the Captain to come out.

‘‘How many are you?’’ The Brit said.

‘‘Ten. plus a sailor. You?’’ The Captain said.

‘‘Seventeen. We were a part of the British and Italian force that stayed behind to make sure that the rest of the soldiers would make it back to the second line of defense. We managed to escape down here before our position was overrun. Why are you down here?’’ The Brit said.

‘‘Trapped behind enemy lines.’’ Aaron said.

‘‘Alright. I am Lieutenant Colonel Charles Emerson.’’

‘‘Well then it looks like you are in charge from here. Captain Johan Hoffmann.’’ Hoffmann said and saluted the LC.

‘‘Alright. Anybody knows a way out of here?’’ Emerson said.

‘‘I was following my GPS but it got destroyed in the explosion.’’ Aaron said.

Suddenly out of nowhere a bright light shone and several voices could be heard.

‘‘IDENTEFY YOURSELF!’’ A voice with French accent said.

‘‘I am Lieutenant Colonel Charles Emerson with the 56th infantry division. Who are you?’’ Emerson said and aimed his weapon towards the light.

‘‘How many are you?’’ The same man as before said.

‘‘Twenty-seven.’’ Emerson said.

The lights were turned off and three men walked out of the darkness behind them. The men didn’t ware any standard USEA or CA body armor. They wore armor that resembled the armor of the pre- war USA with some adjustments. Some more armor plating on the chest, back and legs.

‘‘Who are you?’’ Captain Hoffmann asked.

‘‘I am a Lieutenant of the Quebec volunteer brigade. That’s all you need to know right now. Follow us if you want to live.’’ The Lieutenant said.

One of the QVB soldiers took point and walked deeper into the sewers. The rest of the soldiers looked confused at each other but followed closed behind in a line one by one.

After fifteen minutes of walking the line stopped. The QVB soldier in the front made the ‘‘get down’’ sign and all the soldiers crouched.

The QVB soldier took out his combat knife slowly walked deeper into the tunnel. After what seemed to be an eternity the soldier returned. His knife was all bloody.

He gave the all clear sign and the soldiers stood up again and walked towards the way that the QVB soldier came from. After five minutes Aaron noticed something on the ground further down. When he got there he recognized it as a Human-Huellok hybrid with three stab wound in its head and the eyes poked out.

‘‘Bloody hell.’’ A woman in front of Aaron said with a Scottish accent.

After another half hour of walking the soldier could hear the sound of weapons firing and the sound of Huellok hummels and shouting humans.

The QVB soldier in the front stopped and pointed up at a ladder and said. ‘‘This ladder will take you to a street right in front of the second defense line. The street is full with Huellok. Take this bomb and the streets will be cleared for a short time.’’ He handed Captain Hoffmann the bomb and walked towards the QVB Lieutenant.
‘‘You’re not coming with us?’’ Ashley asked the Lieutenant.

‘‘We can’t.’’ The Lieutenant said.

‘‘Why?’’ she asked.

‘‘Because the Quebec Volunteer Brigade was never acknowledge as a military unit within the USEA military after De-Tierra took power. So the QVB protested and De-Tierra had high ranking QVB soldiers executed. After that the QVB become an enemy of the De-Tierra regime. De-Tierra declared the QVB as a terrorist organization.’’ Emerson said and pointed his weapon at the QVB Lieutenant

‘‘You are well learned, Lieutenant Colonel. So what are you going to with us now?’’ The QVB Lieutenant said.
‘‘Nothing. We managed to find a way out of the sewers all by ourselves. Freedom for all humanity. ’’Emerson said and stood down and saluted the QVB Lieutenant

‘‘Per Aspera Ad Astra, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Emerson.’’ The QVB Lieutenant said and disappeared into the sewers with the two other QVB soldiers.

Emerson turned around towards the rest of the soldiers and saw that all of them were staring at him.
Emerson looked at them and said ‘‘Let’s get to work people. Private Ramsey, take this bomb and climb the ladder up to the street and slowly lift the lock and place the bomb on the street. Set the timer for thirty seconds. The rest of you get to safe distance.’’

‘‘YES SIR.’’ The soldiers said and searched for some cover except for Private Ramsey that climbed up the ladder.
When he reached the top he lifted the lock just enough so he could see what was on the street. He could see hundreds of Huellok soldiers firing at the human defense line and the humans firing back at the Huellok. He could also see several dead bodies of both Human and Huellok. Some of the human bodies had been cut right through the torso. Ramsey lifted the lock a little bit more so he could place the bomb on the street. He set the timer for thirty seconds and placed it on the street then hurried back down.

He counted in his head until it was five seconds left, he started to count out loud.

‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1.’’

A loud explosion could be heard and the sewers shook.


Aaron was the first one to climb up as he lifted the lock of and poked his head up he looked around and saw the bodies of dead Huellok all over the street. He threw of the lock and was blinded by the light from spotlights coming from the Human defense line.

‘‘DON’T SHOT WE ARE FRIENDLIES!’’ Aaron shouted and jumped up on the street and secured the area.
‘‘It’s clear. Come up.’’ Aaron shouted down the sewers.

The rest of the soldiers from the sewers started to climb up. As the first five after Aaron came up they sat in a half circle around the sewer entrance and defended the rest of the soldiers that climbed up the ladder.
‘‘OPEN UP! WE GOT FRIENDLIES INCOMING!’’ A man on the concrete wall shouted down. A big metal door in the wall opened and the soldiers ran inside.

Emerson that was the last to climb up the ladder toasted a grenade down the sewer and closed the manhole again. Just to make sure they weren’t followed. He then tapped the nearest soldier in the half circle on the shoulder to let him know that he was the last up. The soldier tapped and it went on until the every soldier had been tapped.

‘‘MOVE BACK.’’ Aaron said and saw as the Huellok returned to attack the humans again.

Aaron and the rest of the soldiers arrived behind the wall just as the first shots from the Huellok hit the metal door.

‘‘Where the hell have you been?’’ A Soldier said with a Spanish accent.

‘‘Caught behind enemy’s line. We had to use the sewers to avoid the Huellok. There is twenty-eight of us ready for combat. What’s the status? Emerson said.

‘‘We got some time when your bomb exploded. But as you can hear the Huellok are back. Position your soldiers on the line and fight until you die. The Spaniard said.

The Huellok had now returned to the streets and now they stretched for as long as the eye could see. The Huellok tried in vain to strike the Humans on the wall, however every time a Huellok got close to the wall a glug opened and a rifle poked out shoot any enemy near.

Aaron climbed up to the wall and started to fire Huellok. He hit a Huellok-Human hybrid in the head and the bullets went through and hit a Huellok dog.

‘‘How come no one have named those green dogs anything yet? ’’Ashley said over the radio.

‘‘I heard one guy calling them ugly motherfuckers. Apparently he got it from an old alien movie. I’m not going to argue with the name though.’’ A man with German accent said.

‘‘How about we call them Fenway balls?’’ Ashley said while she reloaded her rifle.

‘‘Why?’’ The German asked.

‘‘My friend here hit one with a metal pole. Like a baseball with a baseball bat’’

‘‘That’s freaking hilarious. Alright. But let’s shorten it down to Fenways.’’

The Huellok had now returned to the streets and now they stretched for as long as the eye could see. The Huellok tried in vain to strike the Humans on the wall, however every time a Huellok got close to the wall a glug opened and a rifle poked out shoot any enemy near.

The battle had now been raging on for about one hour. And for every Huellok that died two more took it place. It seemed that the Huellok never stooped.

The Huellok had now reached the wall and tried to reach the Human soldiers on it. However they were easily killed. Ashley took out a grenade and toasted it down the wall. The grenade exploded and the Huellok that was around it was only some burned flesh now.

By now the dead Huellok had formed a ramp up the wall and were beginning to slither up.

‘‘All right soldiers time to retreat. Nice and easy.’’ Aaron could hear over the radio.

He walked down the stairs backward so he wouldn’t get hit in the back. When he reached the ground he noticed that the Huellok had now climbed over the wall and were attacking the Humans with their razor sharp arms.

Aaron ran to the line of humans retreating backwards. He suddenly was thrown forward by an explosion behind him. He stood up and looked behind him and saw a big hole all along the street that prevented the Huellok to follow the Humans.

Aaron looked around for Ashley but couldn’t see her anywhere.


Nothing was heard through the radio. Again Aaron shouted trough his radio.


Aaron heard nothing and feared the worst and was just about to get out of there when he heard a voice.


Aaron looked down the hole and there was Ashley. Hanging on to a piece of the road. Richard throwed himself down on the ground and reached for her hand and pulled her up.

They took force and jumped over the hole and joined the other retreating human soldiers.

The humans retreated in a steady line. Going backwards so they could focus on the Huellok. If anybody broke line and started to run they would likely be shot by the Huellok.

‘‘Where are we retreating?’‘ a man with heavy Russian accent asked over the radio.

‘‘The island is about to fall to the Huellok and the Scandinavians won’t be able to hold Spaceport by themselves. So all forces in the town are to fall back towards the spaceport.’’

Spaceport, City of Prince George, British Columbia, North-America, Earth, [Sol]

By the time Aaron and the rest of the soldiers arrived the Scandinavians were almost to all decimated. Only a handful was left to defend the two bridges leading to the spaceport.

‘‘This is Lieutenant Colonel Emerson, you got reinforcements coming in to the west. We’re going to fire at the Huellok’s rear.’’

‘‘Roger that, Lieutenant. Thank God you’re here.’’ A man with an Icelandic accent said.

Aaron and the rest of the soldiers began to fire at the Huellok’s rear and killed them all in matter of seconds. Once the Huellok were dead they ran towards the bridge.

Aaron was the first one over the cover and looked around. There we’re only twenty or so soldiers defending the entire bridge. He took place to cover the other soldiers still coming over the cover. When the last soldier was jumping over he was hit in the back of the head by the Huellok that now had returned with even more shock troopers than last.

‘‘Dios mio’’ A soldier said.

Aaron said nothing and took the dead soldiers rifle and threw away his M4A1. He began to fire at the Huellok. He hit a Human-Huellok hybrid in the head and it fell on a Fenway dog crushing it.

‘‘How the hell have you been able to hold this bridge?’’ Aaron shouted to the Finnish soldier next to him while he reloaded.

‘‘We were seven hundred soldiers defending this bridge just forty five minutes ago.’’ The Finn said.
Aaron said nothing and returned to fire again.

With the additional reinforcement that arrived with Aaron the Humans defending the bridge were now a little over two thousand soldiers. Reinforcements that were stranded behind the Huellok lines arrived every now and then, however they got fewer and fewer for every hour that went.

‘‘This is Private Andersson with the 18th infantry division, Viking brigade at the east bridge. The Huellok are pressing hard and we’re about to lose the bridge. We need reinforcements KNOW!’’

Aaron hearing the call for help from his brigade and broke cover and headed for the east bridge with Ashley and about one hundred fifty other soldiers. They ran for about three minutes until they arrived at the east bridge, the Huellok had almost taken half of the bridge.

‘‘Reinforcement’s here! Let’s hold the bridge!’’ A sergeant shouted over the radio to his soldiers.
The soldiers on the bridge fought bravely and tough. The Huellok troopers let out a high voice scream every time they we’re hit by the weapons of humanity.

Even though the humans fought hard, the Huellok waves of troops seemed liked it continued for miles. Every time on died there would be two other replacing it. And there were none to replace a killed human.

Aaron fired at a Huellok-Voorik hybrid in the mouth and its teeth were shattered and blood poured out of its mouth. Aaron aimed at another and squeezed the trigger but nothing happened.

‘‘I’m out!’’ Aaron shouted.

‘‘Here, catch!

A soldier with a British accent shouted back and threw a clip towards Aaron who caught in midair and inserted it into his rifle and shot the first Huellok he saw. The bullet connected with the head and the bullet inside the head exploded, The Huellok fell dead over the edge of the bridge down into the river below.

Suddenly the voice of Leftenant McKenzie was heard in the radio.

This is command to all call-signs. We know how hard you have been fighting, you been able to keep the Huellok from taking the spaceport for over four hours. And we are all proud of you for doing so. But our numbers have dropped to about five-thousand brave men and women. Even though there still are pockets of survivors in the city, we won’t be able to hold on. When the last soldier at the spaceport perishes, nuclear missiles will be launched. But we won’t die on the defensive! My fellow soldiers. What I am about to ask you know is not easy for me or any other man or women. We go out fighting. At your officers signal you will take the offense to the Huellok and show what being a Human all is about. I will see you all soon.’’

Aaron and every soldier knew what the order meant. They were all going to die. And when the Sergeant gives the order they were all going to break cover and run towards the Huellok. Aaron was not scared. He knew that his Father was waiting for him wherever he was going.

‘‘ALRIGHT SOLDIERS, LET’S DO THIS!!’’ The sergeant said and jumped over his cover and ran towards the enemy.
Aaron ran towards a Huellok that were just about to stab a soldier, he squeezed the trigger and fired at the Huellok, thus saving the soldiers life. Aaron turned around and saw a Huellok hacking another soldier in pieces. He fired at the Huellok and killed it with a single shot to the head.

Suddenly he felt how he was pushed to the ground. He turned around and saw another Huellok leaning in front of him. Aaron took his weapon and pushed it into the Huellok’s mouth and fired. The Huellok fell besides Aaron nearly crushing him with the weight of the body. However Aaron’s rifle was stuck under the dead Huellok. Aaron pulled out his pistol and stood up and looked around.

There were only about one hundred human soldiers left, and the Huellok were masters of hand to hand combat. Aaron closed out the screams of dying humans and focused on the Huellok. He saw a fenway leaping towards him, he pumped five bullets in it and it fell dead to the ground.

Aaron turned around and was struck by a Huellok-Human hybrid. The hybrid was raising its weapon and was just about fire when its head suddenly exploded. Aaron turned around and saw Ashley firing her weapon. Aaron stood up and saw a bunch of Huellok raising their arms and was about to fire.

Then out of nowhere a missile passed over them and hit the group of Huellok. Aaron threw himself in front of Ashley and by so taking the blunt of the blast, he and Ashley was thrown to the ground.

When Aaron was able to open his eyes he saw several hornets and shuttles flying over them. It toke all of Aaron’s strength to stand up, he pulled Ashley up and they both watched as the Huellok retreated in fear of the sight of Human air units. The soldiers around began to cheer. Which they had every right to. Aaron looked around and counted the number of soldiers remaining. He counted forty eight battered and tired soldiers, some of them even missing a limb or more.

Aaron looked around a saw Engineer James standing a few meters away from him. She looked at him with a smile and said. ‘‘Thank you.’’ Aaron saluted her and she salute back.

Upstate Michigan, North-America, Earth, [SOL] 28-11-2149, 21:46

‘‘Never in my life would I think that she, a spaceship engineer would be one of the last standing on that bridge.’’
‘‘Have you seen or heard of her since that day?’’ she asked.

‘‘I heard she received a promotion for her actions during that day. And eventually she received her own ship to command.’’

Spaceport, City of Prince George, British Columbia, North-America, Earth, [Sol]

Aaron was picking up a rifle when he saw how a Hornet landed on the bridge and two men exited it. One of them was Leftenant McKenzie, and the other was a soldier in full armor.

‘‘Lieutenant McKenzie.’’ Aaron said and saluted him.

‘‘For God’s sake lad. Take that arm down. You must be exhausted.’’ McKenzie said.

Aaron looked at the other soldier standing next to McKenzie and wondered who the man was. Then the soldier’s helmet retracted into his suit and the first thing Aaron noticed was the light of green that shone in his eyes.

‘‘A two percenter’’ Aaron said astonished.

‘‘That’s correct, Corporal. I am Captain James Daniels. That’s some good fighting you did here. In fact I am here to deliver a promotion for you to join the two percenters.’’ The Captain said and handed Aaron a dossier.

Aaron saluted the Captain and said.‘‘Thank you, Captain.’’

The Captain saluted back and then returned to the hornet that took off.

‘‘Wow look at that.’’ Ashley said and took the dossier of Aaron hands and looked in it.‘‘It says here that you’ll get the rank of Lieutenant if you join.’’ Ashley said.

‘‘Yeah look at that.’’ Aaron said and went through the battlefield searching for survivors.

‘‘You don’t sound so excited about this.’’ Ashley said and went to Aaron.

‘‘I was so sure I was going to die today. Like all the men and women here. Why am I alive? What do I got to live for. My father is dead and all my friends are probably dead too.’’ Aaron said and hit his fist on the ground.
‘‘You got much to live for, Aaron. If you didn’t have why would you fight until know? You could’ve just quit anytime.’’ Ashley said.

‘‘I couldn’t abandon the other soldiers besides me. Or the people on this planet. Other than that I have nothing to li….’’ Aaron was interrupted by Ashley that gave him a kiss.

‘‘You have a lot to live for. Come with me’’ Ashley said and kissed him again. She then pulled Aaron behind a storage house that had several holes in it and an entire wall had been blown away.

Ashley leaned towards and Aaron and kissed him again. Aaron and Ashley had been kissing about twenty seconds when Ashley whispered into Aaron’s ear.‘‘Don’t take this wrong, I really like you.’’ Suddenly Aaron felt how a gun was being pushed to his stomach.

He acted to slow and felt how his whole body shocked and he fell to the ground. Ashley caught him before he hit the ground and, she took out a radio from a compartment in her armor and spoke in it. Suddenly a shuttle appeared in front of them. The door swung open and two Colonial soldiers jumped out and carried Aaron onboard.

Aaron woke up when he felt how a syringe was shoot into him. He tried to get up but he couldn’t move. He was aware of what was happening but his body didn’t respond to his actions. He suddenly heard a familiar voice.
‘‘Take it easy, son.’’ He watched as Lieutenant McKenzie walked out of the cockpit. Aaron tried to open his mouth and speak but nothing was heard.

‘‘I taught it was better that I explained this while you still can’t move. We are saving you, believe it or not. I will inject you with this syringe that will allow you to move again. Blink twice if you understand.’’ Aaron blinked twice, McKenzie injected him with the syringe.

Aaron felt how he regained control of his body and as soon he felt how that he could move completely he threw himself at the nearest Colonial soldier. However he was pushed down to the floor again by the other soldiers.
‘‘CALM DOWN, AARON!!’’ McKenzie shouted.

‘‘Where are you taking me!?’’

‘‘We’re saving you. Think about it. When was the last time a soldier that didn’t fought in the third world war got promoted to the two percenters and survived more than a week of training!? You would get killed the first day’’ McKenzie said.

McKenzie was right. The two percenters were made off the battle hardened veterans of the third world war. It’s not often you see a two percenter that didn’t fight in it. Anyway, back to the story.

‘‘Then why are you kidnapping me? I could just have declined the promotion.’’ Aaron said.

‘‘Because your father asked us to do it. Your father received reports that De-Tierra had found you. De-Tierra put the 18th infantry division in Canada because he was certain that you were going to get killed.’’ Ashley said.

Aaron looked at Ashley and tried to understand what she just had said. ‘‘What? What are you talking about? My father is dead.’’

‘‘No he’s not, Aaron. Your father is alive on Mars.’’ McKenzie said.

‘‘What? But the reports said he was missing in action, presumably dead on an unknown world.’’

‘‘The reports were faked by De-Tierra. I’m going to tell you what happened.’’

‘‘Back when the third world war ended and De-Tierra began to take power of the Earthy, your father’s resistence was one of his biggest problems after the Indians. And your father was high seated in the European Union after the war, a lot of people had respect for him and owed their lives to him. De-Tierra knew he couldn’t just have him killed or else he would have the entire European Union up his ass. No one wanted another war.
So when Humanity sent a force to the Voorik world of Via Van’viok, De-Tierra put your father in charge of the European forces. And during the battle of one of the cities, your father was assumed dead. However he was found alive under a dead Huellok. He was flown to a Colonial cruiser in orbit. He was transported to Mars and has been living there hiding from the Tierra regime.’’

Aaron couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he was confused. He looked at McKenzie and said.‘‘But why haven’t he contacted me or my mother?’’

‘‘De-Tierra believes he’s dead. We couldn’t risk him finding out. Besides your mother knew all about it. She and and your father is waiting on you in New Eden.’’

Aaron stood up looked at Ashley.

‘‘What about you. What is your part in all of this? Is your name even Ashley?’’ Aaron said.

‘‘My real name is Samantha Gordon, but you can call me Sam. I’m a member of the Colonial special task group….’’

‘‘But the kiss was for real.’’ Samantha said with a smile’’

Aaron turned his attention to a screen that showed multiple ships in orbit over Earth, both Huellok and Humans.

‘‘Sir, we’re five minutes left until we reach New Eden.’’ The pilot said.

‘‘Understood, Private’’ A man with a Colonial armor said.

Upstate Michigan, North-America, Earth, [SOL] 28-11-2149, 23:20

‘‘I couldn’t believe it when they told me that my father was alive and that I was going to meet him after all that time.’’

‘‘How long was it since you last saw him?’’

‘‘I don’t remember. I was so little. And it was such a long time ago.’’

The old man said and drank the last from his coffee and said. ‘‘Well it’s getting late. I think I need to go to bed. How about we continue this in the morning during breakfast?’’

‘‘That sounds great.’’ She said.

As she walked upstairs to the guest room she noticed all the photographs hanging on the wall. One of them caught her attention. It was a woman a man and a little boy standing in front of the house she now is inside of.
‘‘You look like her.’’ The old man said.

She was startled by the appearance of the old man behind her. ‘‘I beg your pardon?’’

‘‘You look like her. The woman on the picture.’’ He said and held it in his hands.

‘‘Is that here. Is that Samantha?’’ She asked him.

‘‘Yeas it is.’’ He answered.

‘‘If you don’t mind. How did she die?’’ She asked him carefully.

‘‘Of the books?’’

She nodded.

‘‘She died when her transport ship heading to Earth from Mars was suddenly hit by a meteor. There were no survivors. We didn’t even find her body to be buried. Our son was ten years old that day when we received the news.’’ He said and dropped a tear onto the picture.

‘‘Well let’s get some sleep.’’ He said and walked into his bedroom.

As she walked into her bedroom she was happy and surprised to see that the bed was made of wood. and not metal. It was warm inside the room and she could see the storm raging outside through here window. She lies in the bed and falls asleep real fast.

Upstate Michigan, North-America, Earth, [SOL] 29-11-2149, 08:30

When she woke up she saw that the storm had settled and some light entered through the window. She got up and put on a robe that was hanging on the outside of the closet. She walked down and smelt food.

She entered the kitchen and saw the old man standing and making French toasts.

‘‘Ah good morning! Did you sleep well?’’ He said and poured her some coffee.

‘‘And to you. Yes I did sleep well. That was an amazing bed.’’

‘‘Hahaha, I’m glad to hear that. Now shall we continue with the last part of the interview?’’ He said and sat down at the kitchen table.

‘‘Good idea.’’ She said and sat down and took out here recorder.

‘‘Now Mr. Carlsson you were about to meet your father again in New Eden on Mars?’’

New Eden, Mars, Sol.

The shuttle landed in the hangar bay. The shuttle door opened and the other soldiers walked out. Aaron was sitting down not moving at all. His armor was still bloody and dirty from the battle on Earth, he still smelled blood and the stench of Huellok. But he didn’t care. He was about to meet his father. He stood up and walked out of the shuttle. He looked around and saw several men and women wearing the Colonial armor standing in line waiting to greet Aaron. At the end he could see Lieutenant McKenzie shaking a man’s hand. McKenzie looked at Aaron and saluted him before leaving the hangar.

Samantha walked up next to Aaron and said.‘‘ Are you ready?’’ Aaron looked at Samantha and smiled and nodded.

‘‘only if you walk with me.’’ Aaron said.

Aaron walked down the line of the military personnel. Shaking hands with some of them reaching that reached out for his hand. It all seemed to go in slow motion.

When Aaron came to the end of the line he could see an elderly man with Colonial armor and scars on his face. He also had a Swedish flag next to the Colonial flag on the arm. Next to him stood Aaron mother.

Aaron could see the happiness in the man’s eye, tears came from his eyes.

‘‘Hello my son’’ the man said.

Upstate Michigan, North-America, Earth, [SOL] 28-11-2149, 14:00

It is a cold and snowy day. Very cold for being only the end of November. Her car stopped at the end of the street. She got out of the drivers set. She wore a long coat and took out and umbrella. She had to walk the last kilometers to be able to reach his house. She walked on an old road built with cobblestones. It felt uneven to walk on, but it felt right.

‘‘Why do I have to go all the way out here for this interview’’ she thought. However she was rather excited. It was here first interview with an Ascension war veteran. And this particular part if it is the most interest to her.

She walked past several trees dressed with the snow that fell. ‘‘Beautiful’’. She thought to herself.

After she had walked a few minutes more she arrived at the house, an old white house built with wood and not metal as the most buildings were constructed with. The house was surrounded by a white picket fence. There was a mailbox behind the fence ‘‘Carlsson’’ she read to herself. She opened the fence door and walked up to the door and knocked.

The door opened and there was an old man in his late eighties. He had a cane in his right hand.

‘‘Ah, come in dear. You are a little early, but I don’t mind.’’ The man said.

‘‘Thank you Mr. Carlsson.’’ She said.

‘‘Oh please call me, Aaron. Let me take your coat.’’ The man said and reached for the long coat.

She handed him her coat and he opened the closet and hanged her coat in. She looked around in the hallway.

‘‘You have a beautiful home.’’ She said.

‘‘Thank you, dear.’’ He answered her and invited her in to the living room.

They walked in to the living room. And she was surprised and astonished at the same time. ‘‘You have a fireplace!’’ She said.

‘‘Hahaha, yes I do. Would you like me to turn it on?’’ Aaron said.

‘‘Would you?’’ She asked.

‘‘Of course, of course. There’s a storm blowing up anyway Let me just throw in some wood.’’ He said while picking up some wooden sticks and put them in the fireplace. He then lit the sticks with his lighter.

The fire began warm up the room and at the same time giving it a lovely color and light.

‘‘Amazing’’ She said and looked into the fire dancing with the air above it.

‘‘Here you go.’’ Aaron said, handing here a cup of coffee.

‘‘Thank you.’’ She said and took a zip of the warm coffee.

‘‘Well, we might as well be getting started. Why don’t you sit down in the coach.’’ He said and sat in a chair.
‘‘Very well, let me just take out my recorder. However I should tell you that during the interview I must call Mr. Carlsson’’ She said and takes out a recorder from her purse. She put it on and laid on the table in front of her.
‘‘Very well.’’ He said and took a zip from his coffee.

‘‘So Mr. Carlsson, you are going to tell about a particular battle during the Ascension war. Could you tell me what battle that was?’’ She asked him.

‘‘That would be the battle for Earth.’’

‘‘And where did you fight on Earth during the battle?’’

‘‘I did my share of fighting in western Canada, British Columbia more precisely.’’

‘‘What can you tell me about your fighting there?’’

‘‘I can tell you a quite fantastic story about my fighting there. Let me tell you about my worst battle and best days of my life.’’ He said to her.


SCFF: Not of this World
The war against the Huellok has reached Earth and one of the many battlegrounds is in North America. A Shattered Citadel fan fiction written by Markus Malmstrom and set during the Ascension War.