Major Political Parties
The Republican Party, Est. 1854

(%) of US Citizens: 30.4%
Headquarters: 1776 GOP Plaza, New Eden, Mars [Sol]
Nickname: Grand Old Party, Right-Wingers, Rednecks
Symbol: Elephant
Motto: Country First.
Color: Red

Party Statistics-
Governors: 66/198
Senators: 125/396
Congress: 585/1940

Major Supporters: Fiscal Conservatives, Business Owners, Mars, Enlisted Military, US Army, US Imperial Navy, Outer Colonies, Outer system-states, Libertarians, Economic Middle Class, Industrial Workers, Terraformists, Evangelicals and Social Conservatives.

Core Beliefs: The Republican Party is one of the three major US parties, and the only political party to survive intact after the Third Human Civil War. In recent years the GOP has increased in popularity at the expense of the Federalist Party. The Federalists had recently sparked a near civil war with Scupin and other Fringe colonies, after it abused its majority in the government to increase the power of Earths centralized government.

The GOP gains most of its support from conservatives, Mars, rank-and-file military and the outer system-states. Mars has a special place in the hearts of Republicans since it was once the capital of the Colonial Alliance. After the fall of America in the Third Human Civil War, the colonies having seceded already, maintained a strong tradition of democracy led by former right-leaning Americans. Eventually the Colonial Alliance would fight two wars with the totalitarian Earth government formed after the Third Human Civil War. After the forced unification in 2098 of the US and CA because of First Contact. The CA reintroduced democracy to Earth and reestablished the old US constitution. Since then the GOP had balanced the centralist, but fascistic Federalist Party until the rebirth of the Democratic Party in 2152. The GOP has always been suspicious of a strong centralized government and this resonates with the outer worlds. The GOP maintains its proud love of freedom and acts as the defender of the US constitution, which it helped restore in 2098.

* Decentralized US Earth Government
* Advocates Isolationist Foreign Policy
* Active Promotion of Human Values across the Universe
* Pro-Capital Punishment
* Supports Free Trade
* Supports Massive Tax Cuts
* Curb Government Spending
* Strong Military
* Active Defenders of Human Democracy and the literal US Constitution
* Change the 37th Amendment to exclude automatic citizenship to those born on Sol
* Refuses to give Alien immigrants citizenship. Clones and Artificial Life is acceptable.
The Democratic Party, Est. 1828 (Historical), Est. 2152 (Reformed)

(%) of US Citizens: 26.6%
Headquarters: 403 JFK South Capital Street, Angelica Io, Angelica, St. Michael [Angel]
Nickname: Demos, Liberals, Hippies
Symbol: Donkey
Motto: We the People.
Color: Blue

Party Statistics-
Governors: 23/198
Senators: 88/396
Congress: 602/1940

Major Supporters: Liberals, Academia, Scientific Community, Media Elite, Lower Economic Class, Angel system-state, Alien Immigrants, Alien US Citizens, Bureaucrats, Environmentalists, American Legion US Military Branch and Diplomatic Class.

Core Beliefs: The Democratic Party ceased to exist during the Third Human Civil War because of Operation Dragons Fire and the great purges after the fall of America. For a brief period of fifty years mankind was only represented by the Republican and Federalist Parties. The Democratic Party reformed itself in 2152, but did not become the third largest party until 2222. Mankind led by the right and center was unchecked by the left and would expand rapidly among the stars and force 16 alien races to extinction. This led to the US gaining many new enemies, and a profound fear of the US in the universe developed. By 2222 the Democrats were finally in power again and helped to pacify the US government. The Democrats gets its support from all across the spectrum of mankind, especially from Aliens, the lower class, and the scientific elite.

* Strong Centralized Government.
* Advocate of Soft Power and Pacifist Foreign Policy
* Promotion of Human Values across the Universe through Soft Power
* Against Capital Punishment
* Supports Scientific Trade Acts
* Supports Tax Increase
* Increase Government Spending across the entire US.
* Weak Military in favor for more cash for Social Purposes.
* Active Defenders of Human Democracy and the US Constitution
* Eliminate the 37th Amendment.
* Complete blanket citizenship to all living intelliegent life in US space.
The Federalist Party, Est. 2098

(%) of US Citizens: 32%
Headquarters: 1001 Avenue of the Americas, New York Federal Sector, North America, Earth [Sol]
Nickname: Feds, Centralists, Facists
Symbol: Eagle
Motto: A strong Earth forever.
Color: Purple

Party Statistics-
Governors: 95/198
Senators: 149/396
Congress: 630/1940

Major Supporters: Centralists, Earth, Inner Colonies, Upper Economic Class, US Military Officer Corps, US Colonial Marines, US Aeronautic Force, Factory Owners, Business Elite, Religious Elite, Professional Workers, Service Workers and Expansionists.

Core Beliefs: The Federalist Party for a brief period after the Third Human Civil War controlled the Earth with an Iron Fist since it integrated both the Allied nations and the defeated Chinese Hegemony into the party. The Federalists found an enemy with the still democratic Colonial Alliance and would launch two wars against them. Later mankind's last two nations unified. The Republican Party was at odds with the Federalists at every turn and helped reestablished full democracy. The Federalists now draws their support from the elites, professionals, Upper Class and Earth. The Federalist want to maintain the current strong centralized Earth system and are reluctant to grant the outer colonies more independence in its own affairs. The Federalist Party is the largest political party in the US, due mainly to the fact that Sol and the inner colonies make up the bulk of the US population.

* Strong US Earth Government
* Advocate of an Aggressive and Expansionist Foreign Policy
* Active Promotion of Human Values across the Universe
* Pro-Capital Punishment
* Supports Protectionist Policies
* Supports Current Taxes (30% of income)
* Increase Government Spending in the Inner Colonies
* Strong Military and Police Force
* impose heavy sanctions on colonies that refuse to abide by Earth's laws
* Maintain the current policy on US citizenship.
* Wants war with the Secessionists.
Note: I chose this vid mainly to showcase the facistic nature of the Federalist party and their hardline towards any challenge to Earth's government.
Note: I chose this vid mainly because in my opinion U.S. Pres. Reagan represented the best in conservative values. Responsibilty, patriotism, optimism and fiscal intelligence.
Note: I chose this vid because in my opinion U.S. Pres. Kennedy represented the best in Democratic values. Here he inspires America to go to the Moon.
Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

Anc. US Pres. Ronald Reagan
That some should be rich, shows that others may become rich, and, hence, is just encouragement to industry and enterprise.

Anc. US Pres. Abraham Lincoln
Humanity's role in the universe is to spread freedom and crush tyranny where it can. Liberty is the right of all sentient beings.

Fmr. US Pres. Genaro Acosta
And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.

Anc. US Pres. John F Kennedy
There is no meeting of minds, no point of understanding with such terror. Just a choice: Defeat it or be defeated by it. And defeat it we must.

Anc. UK PM Tony Blair
We don't need a weakened government but a strong government that would take responsibility for the rights of the individual and care for the society as a whole.

Anc. Russian PM Vladimir Putin

Earth is where it all began, why shouldn't it be the center of our universe?

Frm. US Pres. Richard Burdick

We as a people look for someone to guide us, especially after all we've been through as a race. Since God is unavailable, let us turn to the next best thing. Earth. The ultimate father figure. A strong Earth is a united man.

Frm. US Pres. Jonas De-Tierra