WARNING: Extremely Mature Content (Animated Violence, Graphic Nudity)

The Two Percenters is a gritty graphic novel set during the Third War (2055-2077). It follows the exploits of the Two Percenters, an elite US Marine Company known for their ruthlessness and combat prowess during the war. The graphic novel begins as the company is formed during the Martian Campaigns and goes on to its bloody conclusion at the Battle of X'ian.
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       COMING 2011

E1 - Killer Instinct

E2 - Plains of Utopia 1

E3 - Plains of Utopia 2

E4 - EUC Deutschland

E5 - Red Revolt

E6 - "New" Earth

E7 - Intrepid

E8 - Harry the Lion

E9 - Eurabia

E10 - The Prophet

E11 - No End In Sight

E12 - The Gates

E13 - End of History