The Shattered Citadel Universe is a richly detailed sci-fi universe that I have been working on for years. One of my passions is to write short stories within that universe. Most of them are based on important events within the vast history of the SC Universe and/ or introduce some major characters from my Shattered Citadel books. These stories will also be included in the book as an extra bonus. I will release more and more of these short stories as time goes by, so please sign up for updates or check from time to time.

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SC: Liberty's Safeguard
Riot Police are called in to crush a riot that broke out at the local breadline. One cop struggles with his guilt from the bloodbath.
SC: The Warning
An American Airman flees from Taiwan and is shot down over Vietnam, where he uncovers a grave warning.
SC: Shooting God
A sniper deep in the Holy Islamic Empire has one shot to change the course of history.
SC: Fall of Israel
The IDF make a last stand against the Holy Islamic Empire at the ancient fortress of Masada.
SC: La Hegemonia
The Chinese attempts to bring the nations of Latin America into the Hegemony. Alliances are made and WW3 expands to the Americas.
SC: Brothers of the Flame
A US Special Forces unit serving with the Indian Army and on the end of its tour discover that there is no home to go back to.
SC: Lotus Blossoms
China launches its long planned nuclear strike on America and 300 U.S. space fighters are stuck in the middle of Armageddon.
SC: Virgin Galactic 261
A crew on a routine flight find themselves pressed into service by the US military to fly into hell. A story set during the PLA invasion.
SC: Die Wacht am Rhein
The European Union's frontier is invaded by the Hegemony and the EU makes their stand in Germany.
SC: The Last Pope
Europe is invaded by the Hegemony and Rome itself is on the verge of being overrun. The Vatican Swiss Guard makes a last stand.
SC: USS Black Pearl
An American ship (USS New York) is stuck behind enemy controlled seas in the south Pacific and fights alone and far from home.
SC: God In the Fire
America launches one last counter-offensive into occupied America from across the Mississippi River.
SC: The Comfort Girl
A doctor survives the horrific invasion of America by the Hegemony only to endure the waking nightmare of the PLA comfort camps.
SC: Coup D'Etat
A general must choose between igniting a civil war within an America still at war, or overthrow the U.S. government.
SC: EUC Duetschland
The Plains of Utopia on Mars becomes ground zero for the struggle for the colonies and the Colonists of Mars are stuck in the middle.
SC: Madam Ambassador
The Colonies break away from a Earth at war with itself, the Colonial Alliance is established.
SC: Loveland
A soldier recalls his life as he fights through NYC. A story about love, regret, and finding peace after losing the love of your life.
SC: Extraction
A team of U.S. special forces sneak into occupied New York City on a mission to extract a very valuable relic.
SC: The Red Plague
As the Chinese Hegemony begins to lose its war it unleashes a deadly new virus to cleanse the world of its enemies.
SC: Iron Cross
A British EUFOR Pilot is down over HIE occupied Europe and is brutally tortured and sentenced to die on a cross.
SC: Unholy Alliance
The HIE is dying and its leader wants to drag the world with him. Two teams of enemy soldiers team up to stop the madman.
SC: Flucht Nach Vorn
The Allies are finally invading mainland China and it is up the air crews of many nations to cripple the Chinese defenses.

(2025-2077) The Great Human Civil War
(2078-2349) The Rise of a Universal Power
SC: Emerald City
A man tries to fulfill a promise, by searching in the Seattle dead zone for his brothers remains.
SC: Should the Moon Fall
The Colonial Alliance launches a daring attack on Earth's Moon in an attempt to liberate it from Earth's control.
SC: Jovian Moons
Earth is again at war with the colonies and unleashes its new weapon upon the universe.
SC: Blood on my Hands
With the war against the colonies going poorly for Earth, it decides to launch a daring raid on the Colonial capital.
SC: The Arrival
Mankind fresh from WW3 and the Succession Wars must confront a new threat as one.
SC: They Bleed Like Us
Mankind sends its first joint expeditionary force to engage a deadly alien foe. A story set in the Ascension War.
SC: Only Human
A sudden attack on a human warship ends up with human POWs in the hands of a deadly alien enemy. Ascension War.
SC: Strong is my Will
An Indian Captain is captured by the Huellok and undergoes torture and mental manipulation. A story set in the Ascension War.
SC: Birth World
Mankind still reeling from its dark age of war must rally together and take on an alien race intent on wiping out all life on Earth.
SC: Blood on Our Hands
Mankind takes the war to the Huellok home world with the intent to eliminate them. A story set in the Ascension War.
SC: The Voice of the Emperor
Mankind discovers the Voorik's betrayal and tensions explode as a now united Human Race flexes its muscle.
SC: The York Ranger
A Canadian soldier speaks about his role in the Third Human Civil War. A story set in Canada.
SC: The Monster of Wuhan
A former PLA soldier recalls his days as an executioner for the Chinese STF. He fails to adjust to post-WW3 society.
SC: New Stalingrad
A former CFR walker operator talks about his role in WW3 and the brutal defense of New Stalingrad from the HIE.
SC: The Blood Offer
A new U.S.E. President is on the verge of making peace with a deadly alien empire, but disaster strikes and billions could die.
SC: Looking Back
Two hundred years after the Third Human Civil War, a man reflects on his part in that war.
SC: African Red Zone
A DOI scientist gives a tour of the African Red Zone. Showing off his efforts in reviving the old world before the Third World War.

SCFF: Moons of Yoshodora
By: B.S. John
The USCM make a name for itself on the Moons of Yoshodora. Heroes are made during humanity's fight for survival.
SCFF: The Earth Civil War
By: Connor Wolfe
An article inspired by Shattered Citadel and numerous other WW3 scenarios about the history of World War 3.
SCFF: Pasos de los Padres
By: Jose Vasquez
A Mexican-American man remembers his day as a guerrilla fighting the Chinese occupation forces in Mexico.
SCFF: Only the Dead
By: B.S. John
A man remembers his fight against the Chinese Invasion force during the initial collapse of the Western United States.
SCFF: The Quebec Journal
By: Samuel Kingma-Lord
A French Canadian writes about his experiences during WW3 in his journal. A story set in the Canadian North.
SCFF: Dead in the Water
By: Samuel Kingma-Lord
As World War 3 is ending on Earth the last of the Hegemony's Space Fleet makes a last stand.
SCFF: The Indian Front
By: Godwin Joseph
An Indian soldier recalls his time fighting the Hegemony in his homeland. A story set in World War 3.
SCFF: Battle of London
By: Antonio Phillips

An English soldier fights through the streets of London as the Hegemony attempts to invade Britain. A story set in WW3.
SCFF: Anchors Aweigh
By: Chris Smith
A man remembers his time fighting the Chinese Hegemony during the Third Human Civil War as a US Navy SEAL.
SCFF: The Second Coming of Rama
By: Adithya Vardhan
India creates a secret weapon of immense power and unleashes it on the Hegemony. Set in WW3.
SCFF: A Trip to Barcelona
By: Samuel Kingma-Lord
A man survives the Op Dragons Fire and soon finds himself in the Allied armed forces in Europe. A story set in WW3.
SCFF: The Viking Homeland
By: Carl Rosen
A story set on the Oslo Line during the invasion of the European Union by the Hegemony. A story set in WW3.
By: Cameron Garcia
A story about an Allied Medical team in a field hospital dealing with the unending tide of dead and wounded. Set in WW3.
By: Balagopalan Satheesh
An Indian unit twenty years after the Third World War encounters a PLA holdout. A short story set in WW3.
SCFF: Not of this World
By: Carl Rosen
The war against the Huellok comes to Earth and North America becomes a battleground. A story set in the Ascension War.
SCFF: The True Leader
By: Godwin Joseph
As World War erupts the Republic of India is tested and new leaders arise to meet the challenged. A story set in WW3.
SCFF: Valley of Peace
By: Charlie Spinks
A story set four days after the fall of Taiwan in the struggle for Korea against the Hegemony. WW3 story.
SCFF: The Crucible of New Stalingrad
By: Samuel Kingma-Lord
The HIE is advancing and the CFR must stop them in New Stalingrad. A short story set in WW3.
SCFF: The Glory of Allah
By: Charlie Spinks
The CFR trains new Holy Islamic Empire troops in Europe. A story set in WW3.​​​

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AA: The Doorman
A world where hell as literally broken loose on Earth and a small squad go out to shut down an open door to hell.
AA: Fallen Angels
A convicted murderer and rapist is given a second chance. He must come to terms with his sins and face hell head-on.