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SHATTERED CITADEL: WORLD WAR 3 - 2nd American Revolution Trailer
Posted: 26 June 2012

Another trailer made for the Shattered Citadel Universe, but with a twist. I made it to be like a sort of Pro-USA propaganda film and I love the reaction I got for it from Youtube. I plan to make one for every power now including but not limited to: Israel, India, the United States, the CFR, Japan, Mexico, the European Union, etc. The song is "Chosen Ones," by Dream Evil.

Please share my videos with your friends, I would appreciate that very much. TY.


The Second American Revolution
WW3 has erupted and the US finds itself under siege and on the brink of collapse. It is up to the Americans stuck behind enemy lines to wage war on the Hegemony occupation. A WW3 trailer set in the Shattered Citadel Universe by Michael Mangual.