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Posted: 12 May 2015

From the Creator: The video a HUGE amount of my fan base wanted to see. A Holy Islamic Empire video and what better battle to show than the one for Israel? Well I heard your cries and made it. I had to be extremely careful though since I don't want to get banned from YouTube entirely since the story of the HIE is very controversial. So I made some slight changes such as NOT calling the Holy Islamic Empire out loud and instead calling it the HIE more. I toned down the religious part of it drastically and was careful to never use the world Jews. I had a lot of fun making this video though. It's my biggest video so far and took me almost a full month to assemble the clips needed. I was also very lucky to get some amazing voice actors for this project.

So far a lot of my fans on YT have told me this is my best video yet and personally I think I can see why. It fit together almost perfectly and the civilian evacuation scene is my favorite.​​​​

World War 3: Battle of Israel
The world is at war and the Allies are losing. The Holy Islamic Empire now turns its attention to Israel, the last remaining free nation in the region. Israel must fight a war with an enemy that is terrifying in both its strength and its relentless pursuit of destruction. In the end the Israelis must make a decision, one that will determine the future of all its people. A Shattered Citadel video set during WW3.