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Posted: 03 April 2015

From the Creator: Shattered Citadel is BACK! My first real SC video in two years... yah. TWO whole years. I'm surprised you're here reading this too. Thanks for coming back though. I am now committed to making new SC content and I'll work to rebuild SC from my two year hiatus.

​​You'll notice a drastic increase in quality in the new video series since I put money from my pocket into them. I've rendered in HD quality, paid for a very high quality text-to-speech program and hired voice actors to give this and future videos an extra WOW factor. I also CC'd the video in English and will soon do so in Spanish. I decided to start off the new series of videos with the very first battle of WW3. In an depth look into the battle like a History Channel documentary. I personally think this video came out great and I hope to make a new video once a month from now on.

World War 3: Battle of Taiwan
The world is at the brink of war. China demands Taiwan accept its control over their country but it refuses. Eight nations including the US, India, Australia, the Philippines and a few others comes to the aid of Taiwan. As peace talks are underway in Tokyo the Chinese launch a surprise attack on the Allied fleet that would be known to history as "the Spark." This would be the beginning of World War 3, the largest and bloodiest war in human history. Based on the Shattered Citadel Universe created by Michael Mangual, NYC.