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Posted: 23 September 2013

From the Creator: I'm actually writing this description and posting this video on the website on 02 JAN 14. The last year was a horrible year for Shattered Citadel. I barely made any new content and because of that my viewership suffered. I cannot apologize enough for that. It was a year where my job was killing me and I was depressed. I've made big changes in my life and I intend to focus more on Shattered Citadel. I plan to make many more videos like this one here. Fake documentaries using my own voice (to add emotion and some complained the robo voice is hard to understand) talking about much more specific topics within the Third World War.

This is part 1 of 3 videos on Canada. A major source of my fandom. I wanted to answer the major questions Canadians had about Shattered Citadel, in particular, "Where is Canada? Why is Canada part of the USA?" Part one talks about the North American Union. Part 2 will be about the Canadian Wilderness campaigns and part 3 will be about the liberation of North America.


WW3 Canada at War
The world has fallen into a deep depression and new powerful enemies gather. Canada and its ally the United States reluctantly do the impossible to survive during World War 3. Based on the Shattered Citadel Universe created by Michael Mangual, NYC. (PART 1)