Ancient - Prior to WW1
WW1 - First Human Civil War (1914-1918)
WW2 - Second Human Civil War (1937-1945)
Ancient US - United States of America. (1946- 2054)
WW3 - Third Human Civil War (2055-2077)
Modern US - United Systems of Earth. Post WW3
Ladies Fever (Common) Syphilis. WW2 origin.
Ladies from Hell (Common) Nickname for the Royal Highlands Black Watch (US Army unit) based out of Fort Green Goose, Scotland Oceania Sector, Earth [Sol].
Lamatta (Common) Tinsel. Medals, decorations and rank insignia. A German term. WW2 origin.
Land of the Rising Sun (Common) Japan. WW2 origin.
Landser (Common) Traditional term for a soldier or soldiers. A German term. WW2 origin.
Latrine (Army) Bathroom, washroom, water closet. Ancient origin.
Leatherneck (Common) A US Marine. Ancient origin.
Leathernectarines (USCM) Female Marines. Modern origin.
Left Handed Salute (Common) Reference to any action of open disrespect to a superior. Ancient US origin.
Leichte Infanterie (Common) Flea Infestation. German nickname during the Third Human Civil War for Holy Islamic Irregular soldiers. WW3 origin.
Let 'Em Have It! (Common) Informal order to open fire. Unknown origin.
Liberate (Common) To loot or steal. WW2 origin.
Library (Army) The latrine, where much serious studying was done. WW2 origin.
Lights Out (Common) Bedtime, Taps. WW2 origin.
Limey (Common) A British sailor. Ancient origin.
Lingo (Common) Language, jargon, foreign language, local language, dialect. WW2 origin.
Lippenstiftbrigade (Common) Lipstick brigade. Civilian women employed by the military. A German term. WW2 origin.
LOB (Common) “Left Out of Battle.” Acronym.
Looie/ Looey (Common) Lieutenant. Ancient origin.
LST (Common) “Large Slow Target.” Acronym.
Maar (Common) Hit or kill. An Indian term. Ancient origin.
Make Every Bullet Count (Common) Roughly translated, “We're low on Ammo.” WW2 origin.
MARINE (Army) "Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Essential." Acronym.
Marry Up (Common) For elements in the field to link up, to make contact. WW1 origin.
Marsmen (Common) Soldiers from Mars [Sol]. Modern US origin.
Marvin (Common) A person from Mars [Sol]. From the Warner Brothers cartoon character “Marvin the Martain.” Modern US origin.
Master Guns (USCM) Marine master gunnery sergeant. WW2 origin.
Mate (Common) A close friend, pal. A widely used Australian term. WW1 origin.
Meat Ball (Common) Japanese red disc rising sun national symbol (hinomaru) on aircraft and flags. WW2 origin.
Meat Wagon (Common) Ambulance. WW2 origin.
Metal Heads (Common) Nickname for the Legionnaires Ab Aeterno (Legion unit) based out of OSS Aeterno, In Orbit around Faraway [Faraway]. Modern US origin.
MG (Common) “Machine Gun.” Acronym.
Mickey Mouse (Common) A disparaging term for a Wiotan due to their black skin, shrill vocals and large ears. Modern US origin.
Mickey Mouse Money (Common) Foreign money. Counterfeit money. WW2 origin.
Midnight Requisition (Common) Illegal acquisition of items, material, parts, or supplies in the middle of the night from other units. WW2 origin.
Million-Dollar Wound (Common) A wound that gets one sent home, while causing minimal permanent injury. WW2 origin.
Montezuma Red (USCM) Bright red lipstick worn by female Marines. WW2 origin.
Moo Juice (Common) Milk. WW2 origin.
Moonlight Cavalry (Army) Soldiers trained in Zero-G combat. Modern US origin.
Mount Sonofabitchi (USCM) Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, Earth [Sol]. Site of the bloody battle between the United States and the Japenese Empire and the famous flag raising. WW2 origin.
MOUT (Common) “Military Operations in Urban Terrain.” Acronym.
MRE (Common) "Meals Ready to Eat," and "Meals Rejected by the Enemy." Acronym.
Mud (Common) Chocolate Pudding. WW2 origin.
Muscle Factory (Common) A gym. WW2 origin.
Musical Chair (Common) Latrine pit with a pole or plank on which to sit. A British English term. WW2 origin.
Mystery Meat (Common) Allied nickname for Human meat. A common practice from all sides near the end of the Third Human Civil War was to cannibalize the enemy dead. The “mystery” in mystery meat was well known, but most people preferred to deny what it really was. WW3 origin.
Nachthexen (Common) Night witches. During the Second Human Civil War it was the German nickname for the Soviet 588th Night Bomber Regiment, crewed entirely by female pilots. During the Third Human Civil War the nickname was adopted by German female pilots. WW2 origin.
NAVY (USAF) "Need Any Vaseline Yet?" Acronym.
NAVY (USCM) "Never Again Volunteer Yourself." Acronym.
NBC (Common) "No Body Cares." Acronym.
NCO (Common) “Non-commissioned Officer.” Acronym.
Night Maneuvers (Common) Sexual intercourse. Ancient US origin.
Noncom (Common) Non-commissioned officer. Corporal through master sergeant.
Number Ten (USAF/ Navy) The worst. The logic was that if "#1" was the best, number ten must be the absolute worst. Ancient US origin.
Nutte (Common) Prostitute. A German term. WW1 origin.
Off-Limits (Common) Restricted place or information. WW2 origin.
Old Man (Common) Commanding officer. WW2 origin.
On the Double (Navy) As quickly as possible; without delay. Ancient US origin.
Ooooorah (USCM) A sound made by a Marine to indicate agreement or provide encouragement. Ancient US origin.
Ops (Common) Operations. WW2 origin.
Organized Grab Ass (Common) Calisthenics by the numbers. WW2 origin.
Oscar Mike (Army) Translates to “Move!” Ancient US origin.
Overfed, Overpaid, Oversexed, and Over Here (Common) A common British complaint about Americans stationed in Britain during the Second Human Civil War. WW2 origin.
Panic Artists (Common) Officers/ NCOs who can't handle the stress of combat and infects his/her unit with their fear. Modern US origin.
Parny (Common) Water. Derived from Hindi. Ancient origin.
Papierkrieg (Common) Paper-war. Administrative work, red tape. A German term. WW2 origin.
Pass the Buck (Common) To pass blame or shift responsibility. WW2 origin.
PFM (USAF) "Pure Fucking Magic." Used to explain how something works to someone who will not grasp the technical details. Acronym.
Pig in a Blanket (Common) The Allied practice of wrapping the body of a HIE soldier in pig skin. As it would forfeit their afterlife. A common terror tactic. WW3 origin.
Pilot before Pontius (USAF) "I was a pilot before Pontius" (i.e. Pontius Pilate) means that the pilot is very experienced. Ancient US origin.
Pissed Off (Common) Angry, Irritated. WW2 origin.
PJ's (Common) Nickname for the Pararescue Corps (USAF unit) based out of Halo AF Base, North American Wilderness Zone, Earth [Sol]. Modern US origin.
Police (Common) To police up, i.e. clear up. WW2 origin.
Pommes Frites (Common) Fried Potatoes. Germans used this french term for both French fries and Frenchmen. WW2 origin.
Post (Common) Military installation or place of duty. WW2 origin.
Powwow (Army) Meeting of senior Army brass. WW2 origin.
Pecker Checker (Army) Medic. WW2 origin.
PENIS (Army) "Pointless Exercise Not Involving Soldiers." Acronym.
PFC (Army) "Praying For Corporal." Acronym.
PFC (USCM) “Professional Floor Cleaner.” Acronym.
Pink Slip Pussies (Army) A group of soldiers who are medically exempt from participating in physical activity, named for the pink medical slip given to them to present to their superiors. Modern US origin.
PT (Common) “Physical Training.” Acronym.
Purple Heart Battalion (Common) A unit repeatedly suffering high casualty rates. WW2 origin.
Puzzle Palace (Common) US Military Headquarters in New York City, Earth. Modern US origin.
Q Company (Army/ USCM) A special unit for Clumsy recruits during recruit training for additional drill and instruction. “Q” standing for queer. WW2 origin.
Q Staff (Common) Quartermaster staff officers responsible for supplies and transport. British English term. Ancient origin.
Q Store (Common) Quartermaster's store. British English term. Ancient origin.
Queer (Common) Gay, homosexual. WW2 origin.
Quisling (Common) A traitor. Named after Vidkum Quisling, the German puppet Prime Minister of Norway during the Second Human Civil War. Saw some usage in WW3. WW2 origin.
Rack Time (Navy/ USCM) Sleep. WW2 origin.
Radioheads (Common) Nickname for the Space Combat Controllers (USAF unit) based out of Earthrise AF Base, North American Wilderness Zone, Earth [Sol]. Modern US unit.
Rainbow (Army) Replacements arriving after a battle, usually green troops. Ex. “There's a rainbow after the storm.” An Australian term. WW2 origin.
RASC (Common) “Run Away, Someone's Coming.” WW2 origin.
Rations (Common) Food. WW2 origin.
Rattenkrieg (Common) Rat's war. Urban house-to-house fighting. A German term. WW2 origin.
Rear, the (Common) Rear area behind the front lines. WW2 origin.
Recce (Common) Reconnaissance. Pronounced, “recky.” British English term. Ancient US origin.
Recon (Common) Reconnaissance. WW2 origin.
Red-Light Ranger (Army) A soldier that spends much of his pay at the red-light district. Ancient US origin.
Red on Red (Common) Describes a situation when two enemy groups fight each other, leaving the U.S. force in advantage. Ancient US origin.
Red Tape (Common) Bureaucratic delay and complications. WW2 origin.
Red Thunder (Common) Nickname for the Martian Strykers (US Army unit) based out of Fort Tierra, New Eden, Mars [Sol]. Modern US origin.
REMF (Common) "Rear Echelon Mother Fucker," a service member that does not fight and is safe behind a desk far in the rear areas of a conflict. Acronym.
Rent-A-Crowd (Common) Often used in reference to farewell ceremonies or changes of command, this refers to a crowd that is gathered to attend an optional function only because they were ordered to. Ancient US origin.
Re-Up (Common) Reenlist. WW2 origin.
RHIP (Common) “Rank Has It's Privileges.” Acronym.
Ring Knocker (Common) A pejorative for a graduate of a military academy. Ancient US origin.
Roach (Common) A disparaging nickname for Americans given by the Chinese PLA occupation during the Third Human Civil War. WW3 origin.
Roachborn (Common) A disparaging nickname given to American born Chinese by the occupying PLA Chinese forces in North America during the Third Human Civil War. WW3 origin.
Rooti (Common) Food, rations. Republic of India term. WW3 origin.
Royals, the (Common) Nickname for the Royal Marines Band Service (USCM unit) based out of Camp HMS Nelson, Portsmouth Sector, Earth [Sol]. Modern US origin.
Rubber (Common) Condom. WW2 origin.
Russki (Common) A Russian. WW2 origin.
S&E (Common) "Salute and Execute." Acronym.
S&G (Common) "Shits N' Giggles." Acronym.
Sack Time (Common) Sleeping. WW2 origin.
Salty (Common) Experienced. WW2 origin.
Schwere Infanterie (Common) Bed bug Infestation. German nickname during the Third Human Civil War for Holy Islamic heavy infantry. WW3 origin.
Scheiβhaus (Common) Shit-house. Latrine. A German term. WW1 origin.
Scheiβkopf (Common) Shit-head. A German insult. WW1 origin.
Scheiβpapier (Common) Shit-paper. Toilet paper. A German term. WW1 origin.
Schikane (Common) Nasty trick. An ambush. A German term. WW3 origin.
Schleifer (Common) Polisher. A tank in need of repair. A German term. WW2 origin.
Schlitzaugen (Common) Slit-eyes. German nickname for the Chinese. WW3 origin.
Schlumpschütze (Common) Slob shooter. A poor marksman. A German term. WW2 origin.
Schwarztod (Common) Black death. The German nickname for the deadly HAVA virus. WW3 origin.
Schwichtl (Common) Faggot. A German insult. WW2 origin.
Section Eight (Common) A “crazy person.” This term comes from the ancient US Army Regulation 615-360, section 8 regarding mental instability or insanity. WW2 origin.
Section Eight Discharge (Common) Discharged due to insanity or mental instability. WW2 origin.
SFA (Common) “Sweet Fuck All.” Meaning there's nothing, zero. Australian term. Acronym.
Shag (Common) Sexual intercourse. A British English term. Unknown origin.
Shanghaied (Army) Transferred to another unit without request or against the soldier's desire. WW2 origin.
Shattered Citadel (Common) A United Systems of Earth world invaded by enemy forces and in danger of being overrun. Command calling all available US military assets to assist in that worlds defense. Modern US origin.
Shell shock (Common) Physical and mental exhaustion, extreme stress, neuroses. Also known as “combat exhaustion,” “battle fatigue,” and “combat fatigue.” WW1 origin.
Shits, the (Common) Diarrhea. WW2 origin.
Shit Bricks (Common) Terrified to the point of defecating. WW2 origin.
Shit-Paper (Common) Toilet paper. WW2 origin.
Shomohin (Common) Expendable article. Japanese soldiers' term for themselves. WW2 origin.
Short-Arm Inspection (Common) A venereal disease inspection by military doctors. WW2 origin.
Showing A Medal (Common) A trouser fly button left undone. British English term. WW2 origin.
Shturmovik (Common) Stormer. The CFR nickname for their heavy armored walkers. WW3 origin.
Sidearm (Common) Pistol, handgun, or revolver. WW2 origin.
SITREP (Common) Situation Report. Acronym.
Skipper (USCM) Commander of a Marine company/battery. WW2 origin.
Skivvies (Common) Underwear. WW2 origin.
Slopehead (Common) Disparaging term for a Hisson. Modern US origin.
Sluf (Common) "Short Little Ugly Fucker," pejorative for a Durkissan. Modern US origin.
Smoke (Common) Term to describe punishment of minor offenses by means of excessive physical training. usage: "The drill instructor smoked me for talking back." Ancient US origin.
Smokescreen (Common) Smoke laid by support units to screen friendly movements or blind the enemy. Also means to cover up or mislead. WW1 origin.
SNAFU (Common) "Situation Normal, All Fucked Up." Acronym.
Snow White (Common) A female nurse. WW2 origin.
SOL (Common) "So Outta Luck." Acronym.
Sonderbehandlung (Common) Special treatment. Torture and/or execution of prisoners, hostages, partisan suspects, commandos, spies and agents. A German term. WW2 origin.
Sora no Shimpei (Common) Soldier gods of the sky. Nickname for Japanese orbital drop troopers during the Third Human Civil War. WW3 origin.
Sound Off (Common) To identify oneself in formation when one's name is called. WW2 origin.
Spam Basher (Common) An amateur prostitute or promiscuous girl who has sex in exchange for food. WW2 origin.
Spetsnaz (Common) Nickname for the Spetsialnoye Nazranie (US Army unit) based out of Fort Ivan, Moscow Sector, Earth [Sol]. Modern US origin.
SPFO (USCM) "Some Place Fucking Off." Acronym.
Spook (Common) A spy, a member of intelligence. Ancient US origin.
Squared Away (Common) Everything in order, shipshape. WW2 origin.
SSS (Common) "Shit, Shower, and Shave." Acronym.
SSSS (Navy/ USCM) "Shit, Shower, Shave and Shoreoff." Acronym.
Stateside (Common) Continental United States. WW2 origin.
Stiff (Common) A dead body. WW1 origin.
Stockade (Army) A detainment facility or jail. Ancient origin.
Storm, the (Common) Nickname for the Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego (US Army unit) based out of Fort Warsaw, European Wilderness Sector, Earth [Sol]. Modern US origin.
Stow It (Common) To store something, put away. Also was an order to stop, to keep one's opinions to oneself. WW1 origin.
Stuck Pig (Common) The Allied practice of dipping their bullets in pigs blood in fights with the HIE to taint them and forfeit the afterlife of the HIE soldiers killed or wounded by them. A common terror tactic. WW3 origin.
SUSFU (Common) “Situation Unchanged, Still Fucked Up.” Acronym.
SWAG (Common) "Scientific Wild Ass Guess." Acronym.
Swinging Dick (USCM) Any male military member, especially a lower-ranking enlisted male. For example, "Every swinging dick in here had better be ready to go in ten minutes!" Ancient US origin.
Sword of God, the (Common) Nickname for the Shaldag Unit (USAF unit) based out of Masada AF Base, Jerusalem Holy City Protectorate, Earth [Sol]. Modern US origin.
Takoashi (Common) Octopus tentacles. Japanese nickname for their deadly unmanned robotic soldier the JDF-12R which greatly resembled an octopus. A Japanese term. WW3 origin.
Tango Mike (Common) phonetic alphabet for "Thanks much." Ancient US origin.
Tango Uniform (Common) phonetic alphabet for "Tits Up." Meaning killed or destroyed. Sometimes used for dead drunk. Ancient US origin.
Taps (Common) Dead. WW1 origin.
TARFU (Common) "Things Are Really Fucked Up." Acronym.
Taschenflak (Common) Pocket air defense cannon. An exaggerated name for a pistol. A German term. WW2 origin.
Teilzeitdeutsche (Common) Part-time Germans. Ethnic Germans living outside of Germany, but native to the country they reside. A German term. WW2 origin.
Terps (Common) Interpreters. WW2 origin.
Teufelsabwehr-Kanone (Common) Devil defense cannon. A military chaplain. A German term. WW2 origin.
THS (Common) "Too Hooah Syndrome." When a soldier, especially a Platoon Leader or Non-commissioned Officer, holds himself and/or soldiers to extreme standards of cleanliness, physical fitness, efficiency. Acronym.
TNT (Common) “Today Not Tomorrow.” Acronym.
Tough Guy (Common) Self-styled hard individual. WW2 origin.
Trigger Happy (Common) Lack of fire discipline. WW2 origin.
Trudarmee (Common) Worker's army. CFR nickname for brain-slave soldiers. Enemy soldiers forced to fight for the CFR or risk death by a surgically implanted bomb in their skulls. WW3 origin.
TURD (USAF) "Trainee Under Rigid Discipline." Acronym.
Un-Fuck (Common) To fix something or someone that is broken. Ancient US origin.
Uncle Sam (Common) The US Government. Ancient origin.
Uncle Sam's Party (Common) Payday. WW2 origin.
Undercover Operations (Common) Sexual Intercourse. WW2 origin.
Unit, the (Common) Nickname for the Sayeret Matkal (US Army unit) based out of Fort Jerusalem, Jerusalem Holy Land Protectorate, Earth [Sol]. Modern US origin.
Up Shit Creek (Common) In a rather difficult position. A British English term. WW2 origin.
USARMY (Army) "Uncle Sam Ain't Released Me Yet." Acronym.
USCM (Army) "Uncle Sam's Cock Masters." Acronym.
V-Girl (Common) A teenage woman who has sex with servicemen as part of her patriotic “duty.” WW2 origin.
Verheizen (Common) Burn-up. Senseless sacrificing of troops in an attack or other action. A German term. WW2 origin.
Vernichtungslager (Common) Extermination Camp. WW2 origin.
Versuchssoldat (Common) Experimental soldier. A nickname for the experimental genetically engineered super soldier project implemented by the European Union that would give birth to the Augmented humans project once the Allies win the Third Human Civil War and gain access to China's super soldier project research. WW3 origin.
Victory Girl (Common) A sympathetic woman who has sex with servicemen as part of her patriotic “duty.” WW2 origin.
Vollrotzen (Common) Full snot. Meaning to fire everything at the target. A German term. WW2 origin.
Volunteers, the (Common) Nickname for the Divine Sword of China MR GA (US Army unit) based out of Fort Beijing, Beijing Sector, Earth [Sol]. Modern US origin.
Vyshka (Common) Execution. A russian term. Ancient origin.
War Baby (Common) A child of a servicemen born during the war years. WW2 origin.
War Bride (Common) A soldiers foreign bride. WW2 origin.
War Nerves (Common) The jittery effects of war on the minds of the military and civilian populations. WW2 origin.
Warmer Bruder (Common) Warm brother. A homosexual soldier. A German term. WW2 origin.
Washed Out (Common) A serviceman failing a training course. WW2 origin.
Watch Standers, the (Common) Nickname for the Colonial Marine Embassy Guards (USCM unit) based out of the Pentagon, New York City Federal Sector, Earth [Sol]. Modern US origin.
Water Legions, the (Common) Nickname for the Legionnaires Ad Undas (Legion unit) based out of Fort Legionnaire, New Eden, Mars [Sol]. Modern US origin.
Wehrbeitrag (Common) Defense contribution. Fathering a child while on leave. A German term. WW2 origin.
Wet Heads (Common) Nickname for the Legionnaires Ad Undas (Legion unit) based out of Fort Legionnaire, New Eden, Mars [Sol]. Modern US origin.
Whiskey Warrior (Common) A soldier powered by liquid courage. WW2 origin.
Whore's Bath (Common) Sponge or rag bath from a helmet or bucket. WW2 origin.
Wilco (Navy/ USCM) "Will Comply." WW2 origin.
Wimpy Special (Navy) Hamburgers. Named for the Popeye the Sailor cartoon character. WW2 origin.
Wolfsgrabhügel (Common) Wolf's barrow. One or two man fighting position. Exactly the same as the Allied term of foxhole. A German term. WW2 origin.
Wood Walkers (Common) Nickname for the Unit Interventie Mariniers (USMC unit) based out of Camp Etterbeek, Brussels Sector, Earth [Sol]. Modern US origin.
Wop (Common) A disparaging term for an Italian. WW2 origin.
Wutmilch (Common) Anger milk. Courage inspiring alcohol issued before an attack. A German term. WW2 origin.
WTFO (Common) "What the fuck, over?" A question often implying disbelief, confusion, or discontent. The only proper response is "What the fuck, out." Acronym.
Yank (Common) An American. British English term. WW1 origin.
Yasukuni de Aou! (Common) See you at Yasukuni! The rally cry of Free Japanese armed force personnel during the Third Human Civil War. Eluding to the Japanese returning back to their homeland which was overrun by the Chinese Hegemony early in the war. Soldiers killed in combat were commemorated at Yasukuni Shrine and became kami (national deities) protecting the Japanese in the afterlife. One of the highest honors for a Japanese soldier was to die for his country and be enshrined in the Yasukuni shrine. WW3 origin.
YMRASU (Common) "Yes, My Retarded Ass Signed Up." Acronym.
Zazhigalki (Common) Lighters. Term for the control mechanism used by CFR officers that triggered the explosion inside the skulls of brain-slaves should they disobey or revolt. WW3 term.
Zipperhead (Common) Pejorative term for a Ajiiarian. Modern US origin.
Zone of Interior (Common) Military terminology for the area within the Humanus System, also known as Sol, in which Earth and the seven other worlds reside. Modern US origin.