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Posted: 06 January 2012

From the Creator: This is the longest video I've made and with good reason, the Pacific has such a big role in the the Third Human Civil War. I made this video to help explain Australia's, Japan's and even Antarctica's role in the war. I had many fans ask for info for this region and this is to satisfy them and shed more light in the epic scale of this war. This video took the longest to find the right clips for (6 months), but it just took two weeks to make and about 8 hours to render. I love how it turned out and how quickly it reached 1000 views on youtube (1 week!). Another thing you may have noticed is that I didn't link the youtube vid and instead used my websites embed ability so that ALL my fans can view it. It has come to my attention that certain nations most specially Germany has banned the video. Enjoy.


World War 3 (The Pacific Front)
As China rises in the Pacific the Allies (U.S., India, Australia, etc) attempt to encircle and counter the Hegemony, but war breaks out in the Pacific and soon the world falls into a new World War.